North American F-86H - The Ultimate Sabre

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North American F-86H Sabre

Historical overview

The F-86 Sabre is a single-seat, single-engine fighter jet aircraft. Developed in the late 1940s and entering service in 1949, it was crucial in the Korean War, sharing the skies with the MiG-15 during the early 1950s.

The variant being suggested here is the F-86H Sabre, nicknamed “Hog” or “Hawg” Sabre. This was the most capable variant of this aircraft built by the United States. It began development in 1951 by North American Aviation as project NA-187, as a fighter-bomber version of the F-86, with nuclear strike capabilities, as was the requirement for many other US aircraft at the time.

475 of these aircraft were manufactured. It served in the front line for a brief period of time, between 1954 and 1958. It was then phased out to Air National Guard duties, where it served until the early 1970s, and after that the US Navy purchased some examples to use as aggressor training and target drones.

Features and characteristics
The additional payload planned for this aircraft was to be handled by the bigger, more powerful General Electric J73 engine, developing 8920 lbf.

The aircraft was overall visibly bigger than it’s predecessors, as it’s intake was increased and the fuselage was lengthened and widened, allowing for more internal fuel. The horizontal tail surfaces were made bigger and the vertical tail was taller. It had four underwing stations for various payloads and a more spacious cockpit. It had LABS (Low Altitude Bombing System) and M-1 toss-bombing coputer fitted, as it had nuclear capability.

As for guns and wings, it had various configurations, depending on the block number:

  • F-86H-1 retained the six .50 caliber machineguns, and initially had the old slatted wing, without the “6-3” extension. Later on, starting with the 15th aircraft, it was decided to fit the “6-3” wings.
  • F-86H-5 introduced a new set of guns, the four M39 cannons, previously tested in Korea as T-160. Ammunition supply was 150 rounds per gun.
  • F-86H-10 had the F-40 wing, with extended wingtips and slats. Eventually this wing was retrofitted to all F-86Hs remaining in ANG service.

Perhaps these different configurations could be represented in-game via module research.

Spoilered below is a helpful image to visualize the different wings mentioned earlier:


Technical data


General Electric J73-GE-3E

  • Maximum power: 8920 lbf
  • Normal power: 7820 lbf

Fuel and oil

  • Total internal capacity: 563 gallons
  • Fuel grade: JP-4
  • Oil: 5 gallons

Aircraft dimensions

  • Length: 38.8 ft
  • Height: 15 ft
  • Wing span: 39.1 ft
  • Wing area: 313.4 sq. ft


  • Empty: 13,836 lb
  • Combat: 18,683 lb
  • Max. Take-off: 24,296 (2x 1000 lb bombs and 2x 200-gallon drop tanks)

Maximum power, 18,683 lb combat weight

  • Max. speed at sea level: 601 knots
  • Rate of climb at sea level: 12,900 ft/min


  • 4x M39 20mm cannons, 150 rounds each (600 total)

Air-to-air missiles

  • AIM-9B Sidewinder

Bombs and rockets

  • 250 lb, 500 lb, 750 lb and 1000 lb general purpose bombs
  • 750 lb napalm bomb
  • 5-inch HVARs
  • 2.75-inch FFARs in MA-3 launchers
  • Mark 12 1200 lb nuclear store







+1 would love this! Finally a US saber with sidewinders! Really hope this is added!

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+1, though are you confident it can carry sidewinders? I can only seem to find references to bombs or HVARs for (non-nuclear) suspended weaponry
Also I love the idea of having each block as a modification. It’s a shame only a small number of WWII props do this in game, more should.

I made a suggestion for the F-86H myself without knowing yours was in the queue. I did suggest a specific version (F-86H-10 late) so it should be fine to get approved but funny how that works out.

Anyways, +1 from me. I think this would be a much more fun option to give the U.S. tree than the F-86F-40 for a Sidewinder Sabre. (Plus it lets the British yoink the CAC Sabre… nyeheheh) The F-86H-1 with Sidewinder mod is a potential option but I’d like the cannons too as long as we’re at it.


Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find any photographs of the thing actually carrying Sidewinders, but documentation says it’s capable.


F-86H-5 & F-86H-10 as a researchable in rank VI but F-86H-1 would be event vehicle or premium GE

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Did these ever see life when the Aim-9E’s were in service?

I’m gonna say no, because " end of the line " subsonics that lack CMs and A2A are dead weight in War Thunder as ARB matches currently operate along with how the MM system works due to excessive compression.

It would just end up as another aircraft that would be nothing but food for the lower BR supersonics and other aircraft that have both CMs and A2A.

+1 yes, absolutely

Plus, it can be one of the only Sabres in-game with proper SEA camo


+1 for tech tree, long overdue and unfair that other countries get better Sabres, even though the US developed and used the best one, the F-86H

Also, AIM-95 Agile as well??


Theoretically yes. 9Es would also theoretically be compatible with the Aero-3B launcher which the F-86H carried without any modifications. OP wrote that the copy of the F-86H manual he referred to as a source was from April 1971 which is effectively just before the type’s retirement, so if it doesn’t mention AIM-9Es I would consider it unlikely but not necessarily impossible.

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Yeah the manual I used as source is a very late modification of it





Extremely so. This plane should’ve been added ages ago.

And as Headnaught said, CAC Sabres can to go the UK

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F-86H Hawk Sabre 1 variant or 3 variants armed AIM-9B ?

CL-13 Mk.6 from SAAF carry AIM-9B like Luftwaffe CL-13 Mk.6 in germany tech tree

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Honestly yeah. I want to see this but I also want to see the F-86F-40 just as a cap-off for the F Sabres, maybe itself foldered with the F-86H-10. Both have the (really early and not too good) Sidewinder, which is something the American tree has lacked on a Sabre for a long time.


I rather that the US gets the H over the F-40 since it is a little more unique. Maybe add the F-86F-30 with the Rocketdyne AR-2 rocket engines instead of the F-40

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The F-86F-30 with rocket engines sounds like a perfect event vehicle IMO. The USAF did use the F-40s and I feel like it would be a disservice to deprive the US of the penultimate F Sabre that has existed in other trees for so long.


+1000, it would be fantastic to see the ultimate model of American service Sabres in game

The H might be more unique, but the F-40 was a very important step for the F-86, with the US retrofitting MOST of their F-86F inventory with the 6-3 wing, and it being limited to Japan is a disgrace as much as the F-86H not already being in the tree.


+1, it’s a huge shame that Gaijin missed out on a huge number of early US jets


yes US developed the sabre but other nations like japan get ones that carry AIM-9B’s while none of the US ones get to equip missiles