Normandy Beach Level

Where has the Normandy Beach Level gone? I loved this level and have not seen it come up for months, I even tried different vehicle levels to see if that impacted it coming up, from 1 - 7 rating - no Realistic Batteles seem to have it ?

That one?

I had it at least 3-4 times in the last week or so. Br 5.7 up to 10.0, all RB.


Yeah thats it, was this in Realistic mode?

Yes, realistic.

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From the replays listing it appears Normandy is being played in RB only at the moment. But i am pretty sure i played it in Arcade some weeks ago…
This change from time to time…i dont really see a reason for it to be removed from arcade…perhaps some spawn sniping issues…

Well after a another week of not seeing this level, I got 2 in a week after making sure all my vehicles were over BR 5.0, though I was still disapointed as my favorite sniping locatation firing thru the bunker onto the beach for Point A has had a wall filled in !!! Please revert it back to an open bunker on both sides and not just the one !

I am guessing it was a “too favorite” location for many players…not sure of the exact spot.
If a spot provides a too big advantage, they usually “fix it”…dont know if it was the case or not…but if you usually got lots of kills from it without being hit yourself, odds are it was considered not fair…

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It comes up all the time. It’s been ruined and made boring now so I just spend the game spawn camping since they made that easier now.

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Not sure it was easier, I got killed many a times you just had to reverse after firing and hope no one saw where the shot came from - shame it has made it harder if anything

They thought they could protect spawns by having hills around them. While it provides protection, they can’t shoot unless they move out of protection. While cresting those hills they’re vulnerable and easy to shoot.

Before the “improvements” they could shoot spawn campers while in spawn protection.

My thread is not related to spawn points, this was a bunker facing the sea, and if you parked alongside it you could fire right to left across it down onto the beach, it was a good postion for both sides