NORINCO 8x8 CS / VP4, Multi-purpose all-terrain vehicles

Would you like to see the 8x8 family of ATV’s be added into the game?
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Which of the different variants would you like to see ingame?
  • The Early model, the MLRS variant.
  • The Early model ATV-M (23).
  • The Early model, the ATGM variant.
  • The Late model, the MLRS variant.
  • The Late model CS-SS6.
  • I said ‘No’ in the first question.
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Hello ladies and gentlemen, today I’d like to suggest the very unique and funny NORINCO 8x8 Multi-purpose all-terrain vehicles!

A line of the “Early” model of the 8x8 ATV’s



The NORINCO 8x8 Multi-purpose all-terrain vehicles is known under the official name CS / VP4.

The CS / VP4 vehicle represents a car of minimum dimensions and carrying capacity with a four-wheel chassis of high traffic. For maximum ease of construction, the all-terrain vehicle received an open-top housing. The hull has low sides and only partially covers people.

The CS / VP4 project proposes the use of a sealed metal body. Its frontal part has a wedge-shaped profile, facilitating movement through the water. The lower part of the sides is made in the form of a vertical sheet, above which a shelf of trapezoidal section is placed. The stern again uses inclined sheets, above which a box-shaped casing of the power plant was placed in the basic version of the project.

The layout of the case is very simple. In front of the cabin there are two separate seats for the driver and commander. Behind them on the sides of a set of folding seats of the simplest design. A larger double seat-sofa is placed in the back of the vehicle, directly in front of the wall of the engine compartment.


In the aft of the CS / VP4 case, an internal combustion engine with a power of 87 hp is placed, the parameters of which allow to ensure high mobility of the machine in any conditions. Access to the engine is organized through the aft hatch. On the right side of the engine compartment provides a round radiator window, tightened grid. Under it is a small-sized muffler.

With the help of a mechanical transmission, laid above the bottom of the case, the engine torque is distributed to all wheels. According to reports, the transmission of the all-terrain vehicle provides control of the drive wheels of different sides. Using this function, the driver can deploy the car literally on the spot.

The four-axle undercarriage is based on an independent suspension and is equipped with wheels of medium diameter. As part of the chassis there are means of rotation of the steered wheels. Thus, depending on the current conditions, the driver can choose the best way to control the car.


The main task of the multipurpose vehicle is to transport soldiers with weapons and some small loads. In certain situations, she can also tow a trailer or other equipment. In this case, the hull is equipped with a drawbar and its own rings for connection with the towing vehicle.

In the basic configuration, the multi-purpose all-terrain vehicle NORINCO CS / VP4 has the smallest possible dimensions and weight. The length of the machine is only 3,94 m, the width is 1,55 m, the height along the arcs is 1,8 m. The total weight is determined at the level of 2,85 t with a payload of up to 1100 kg. First of all, the reduction of mass and dimensions was associated with the need to ensure maximum strategic mobility of equipment. The machine was to be placed in the cargo compartments of various military transport aircraft and helicopters.

Driving on the highway, the Chinese all-terrain vehicle can reach speeds of up to 65 km / h. Water obstacles the car overcomes by swimming, moving due to the rotation of the wheels. While in the water, the maximum speed is reduced to 4 km / h. On land, the vehicle can climb a steep slope near 30 °.

The newest version of the CS / VP4 - Go to the Variants section to see photos of it

The new version of the CS / VP4 all-terrain vehicle has a different body layout. The power plant and transmission devices connected to it were transferred to the front of the hull, as a result of which the latter received a large hood with a characteristic shape. Now, in front of the driver’s seat, there was a large hull unit with a horizontal roof and developed onboard units, which provided grids for engine cooling. In addition, the size of the front overhang increased, which, however, did not affect the performance of the terrain.

The transfer of the engine allowed to abandon the protruding stern casing and in some way increase the allowable dimensions of the loading platform. In fact, this was the main goal of the new project, and the designers immediately took advantage of the results obtained. In 2016, NORINCO presented several samples of self-propelled artillery based on a front-engine version of an existing all-terrain vehicle.

On an open rear chassis platform, it is proposed to install a light multiple rocket launcher system, a mortar or a large-caliber howitzer. Together with the weapon, such self-propelled guns receive this or that additional equipment, but they are based on an updated version of the multipurpose CS / VP4 chassis.



Quick disclaimer!

As is expected of new Chinese equipment, details regarding them is very limited. These variants have been indentified by looking at photos of the vehicles.

Also supposedly each different variant is given it’s own name. But so far these names are not known aside from the CS-SS6 and ATV-M (23), so the names given to the vehicles by me are just general names which explain the role they are made for.

Early model


MLRS version


Here we’ve got one single photo of a Early CS / VP4 with some sort of MLRS launcher on the back.
This vehicle must still be in testing, or it’s just a prove of concept for now.

If you have any additional information that can be of use please let me know!


ATV-M (23)


This very derpy looking version actually has some decend information available on it.

Here it is:

On the existing chassis a closed double cabin with advanced glazing and side doors was installed. Behind the cab a flat platform with devices for mounting the combat module was made. The design of the power plant, transmission and chassis did not change.

A remotely controlled combat module with a block of optical-electronic surveillance and detection equipment was placed on the rear. A small-caliber automatic gun is located on the mobile unit. In this configuration the CS / VP4 can accompany the troops on the march, monitor the air situation and fire on the approaching aircraft.

I do not have details regarding the radar systems (If it has any), but we do know a bit about the gun. The autocannon present on the vehicle is a 23mm chain gun, with access to entire chain of anti-armour ammunition consisting entirely of APFSDS ammunition. The exit speed is this round is 1400 m/s.

If you have any additional information that can be of use please let me know!




ATGM version


This is another very obscure version of which we have almost no information of. So far I’ve been able to find this little bit of information:

Recently, several photos of China’s newly developed all-terrain special combat vehicles have been exposed on the Internet, causing a lot of attention. From the photos, this 8-wheel ATV is similar to the “Lynx” ATV previously exposed by the media, but with more fierce firepower. The car is equipped with two 4-gang anti-tank missile launchers. However, judging from the location where the photo was taken, the car should still be in the research and test stage.

Again I’ve not been able to identify the ATGM launcher, but I’m very certain it’s a TOW launcher mount of some type.

If you have any additional information that can be of use please let me know!


Late model


MLRS version


Here we’ve got another MLRS version, this time of the newer model of the CS / VP4 chassis

As can be seen on the information board to the right of the vehicle, this version has a 36 tube 107mm rocket launcher mounted on the back.

Also note that a SPAA version of the earlier model of the CS / VP4 is standing to the left of it.

If you have any additional information that can be of use please let me know!





This is the first proper identified version of the CS / VP4.

We can read on the board to the right that this version has a 81mm Rapid Mortar Weapon System.

We can also see that this gun is not in a fixed position. It’s looks to be on it’s own rotating platform on the rear, together with some seats for the people firing the gun.

Ammunition choices for this gun are not known, but since it’s a Mortar System it would most likely be limited to HE-type shells.

If you have any additional information that can be of use please let me know!




Quick list of general specifications


Length: 3,94 m (12ft 11in)
Width: 1,55 m (5ft 1in)
Height: 1,8 m (5ft 11 in)
Weight: 2,85 t, with a payload of up to 1100 kg
Engine horse power: 87 Hp internal combustion engine
Top Speed on land: 65 km/h (40 mph)
Top Speed in water: 4 km/h (2,5 mph)
Total Crew: In most cases 2, but for on versions with heavier weapons there is room for up to 4

Weapons: Check the Variants section



From an ingame point of view these vehicles would be very odd and derpy.

If Gaijin does decide to add these in, I would think they are best kept in their own dedicated line filled with only vehicles like these. They are just so weird that they don’t really fit in well anywhere else.

Ofcourse some of them can also be used as premiums or event vehicles.

But be sure to let me know your opinions in the poll and comment section!

That is all for now! Be sure to tell me your opinion on these vehicles!

See you on the battlefield!

Be sure to check out my other post about the small Chinese ATV’s:



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+1 for as many as possible. Also here’s another CS/VP4 (or CS/VP4 adjacent) variant with a manned autocannon. Don’t know anything about it, but it exists.


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I love them all, but I REALLY love the 23mm APFSDS chain gun model. That sounds SO stupidly fun. +1

The ATV-M model could be good as SPAA/light scout vehicle in the same way Wiesel behaves for Germany.
I would also recommend the ATGM variant (if reloading is viable). As for the MLRS concept, I think it is more oriented towards infantry and will get decimated in War Thunder.

That thing looks really cute for some reason


It is VERY cute


This is so ridiculous it’s gotta be added. Essentially equivalent to the weasel of Germany.


Give the 23mm gun version, looks so fun. +1

but fun you know :D

+1 we need the 23 mm and ATGM versions

A CS/VP4 with the 14.5mm could be really good too since Chinese 14.5mm APDS has somewhere in the ballpark of 70mm of penetration.

could it be the chinese wheeled equivalent to the wiesel? hahahah

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