No works chi-nu ammunition typ1

Since I unlocked Chi-nu, I’ve been struggling with the problem of its ammunition not working properly. at a distance of 100m it has a 101mm penetration, but every shot at a Sherman or T-34 bounces, no matter where it hits from the front, sometimes tanks touch and so the shell bounces.the armor thickness of Sherman is around 97 mm and the T-34 is around 90mm and here is the problem because chi-nu usually has one chance to shoot from the front, as you see that the bullet bounces you again is odechciewa play this game.This is one of those things that in this game does not work and spoil the pleasure . I encourage you to discuss and apologize for the English from google translator

Gaijin badly misimplemented AP ammunition and it underperforms severely. Basically gaijin single handedly ruined Japan from 1.0 to 7.3. Time to switch to a nation which has apcbc as alternative ammo choice cuz AP in this game is laughably bad

Oh and it’s also missing it’s Tokku Kou AP but since it’s still AP, it would still suck thx for the awful way gaijin implemented AP

If Chi-Nu had its Tokku Kou shell with correct penetration

Tokku Kou APHE (6.615kg at 683m/s)
118mm @ 0m (0 Degrees)
53mm @ 0m (60 Degrees)

Also the 50% chance of bounce at 60 degrees is BS, gaijin really needs to do something about that as well for all AP rounds.

But you know god forbid that you’d ever penetrate a T-34 hull with the Chi-Nu