No Reason to Choose German Top Tier Over Italian or Swedish

Veteran Player here, have top tier in multiple nations, and I wanted your guys opinion on this but in my opinion, there’s no longer any reason to play the German Top tier lineup over the Swedish one, they get 2a6 and strv 122 which is essentially a 2a7 armour wise, better aa, and better light tank options. Maybe CAS is still better for the Germans, but in this era of getting killed on spawn by pantsir CAS is really almost no longer a discussion. So yesterday I saw the Trailer was announced, excited I clicked on the video, I Was horrified to find out they are now adding more German vehicles to non German trees, Italy as a matter of fact. Now italys freccia was introduced with spike lrs when the puma has been lacking them ever since its release and now they will also get a 2a7 too? Frankly I should just be allowed to delete my progress on the Germans and convert its rp into progress on the Italian or Swedish one, just fucking rediculous gaijin. Anyways that about does it for my rant, please let me know what you think about this.


Germany’s top tier is Swedish third pick, it hasn’t been worth playing for years, and also been years since they’ve actually received a new top tier vehicle, it’s arguably one of the weakest top tier nations in the game bar things like Italy that is just has a pretend lineup where Gaijin pretends they’re top tier vehicles.


Trying to act like Italy of all nations is better than Germany just because they got the Lynx makes your entire post look bad…

Sounds like you think a 2A4 is a 2A7

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