No more spots for turret-less tank destroyers?

Where are TDs supposed to go?

They’re removing all snipe spots. Middle east lost it’s perch on the east spawn.

Feels like there are no good spots to go on most maps. It’s either stare down a narrow corridor at point blank hoping no one flanks you, or play super aggressively.


That’d suck, that’s the one overlooking A? Used to be decent covering A, but was also bad for looking directly into the enemy spawn.

Yeah they gave it the boulder treatment, now you need to push further north to get a clear view, which exposes you to the whole west and south side of the map.

Yikes, they could’ve bouldered up the innards of the map to block the direct shot to the spawn lol.

If you said Stug III or Jagpanzer, its ok, because their armor is good, and their mobility is also good, For most WWII TD, it’s not a problem, but for ATGM carriers like M901 or CM25, that is a big issue

I spaded the Lorraine and working on spading the AMX 50 Fosh. Sure it has armor but I get shot by HEATFS and APFSDS. Armor only works at range against WW2 tanks.

The new Middle East Map, GJ style.
New Middle East
New Normandy
New Normandy


There is nothing that can suffer that, whatever the range is if the shell is HEAT or APFSDS, 400/320mm penetration is very sucks.

Turret-less TDs don’t really have a choice but to rely on their armor. They need to turn and expose the whole tank. They have no depression and the reverse speed is abysmal.

Other tanks can definitively brush off APFSDS and HEAT with their turrets, and worse case their loader dies and they back up into cover. When a TD gets hit, the shell usually reaches all the way into the engine, turning it into a sitting duck.

At least penetration drops at longer range, coupled with the sloped armor, you can tank some non-chemical shells. But these longer range spots are being removed from the game.

For ATGM carriers, you can just pop out with your launcher and shoot without exposing your whole tank. The Russian ones are notorious for being able to camp hull-down with just their tiny launcher sticking out over a rock/hill. Could do the same with the M901 and even CM25.

Consider the performance of missiles in short range, most of time the missiles will get to the ground or hard to control, these launchers need keep far from the battlefeild.

Turret-less TD, which most of them in WWII BR, it’s pretty hard to find HEAT or APFSDS. and most of HEAT or APFSDS users have worse moblity or armor, I don’t think Jagpanther is worse than M36B2, right?and reverse speed for most of WWII tanks is just lower than 10km/h.

So back to topic, Yes, without spot, as you said, it force these Turret-less TD’s charging, and hard to play.

That’s why we deeply need decompression

Ugh, too long, take away 300 meters and it would be fine.