No more console forums?

Before on the old forums we had console specific sections. Now there aren’t any. Is there any chance we can get them again? Also I didn’t exactly know where to put this so if it is in the wrong place please forgive me since this new forum is slightly less mobile friendly.


Yeah. Where are they? This is going to take time to get used to the new forum.

Also why is there there no PS vs XB option for battles? Console only matches up with those on the same platform. Would rather play against other console platforms than against the PC. I’m on PS5 but would like to battle with and against XB1 players.

No separate forums for Russians and SEA either, I presume? Seeing all the sudden people post in Chinese?

Jump to general section. When you create new thread, you need to select proper TAG. Both tags - Xbox and Playstation are there.
New forum works on tags.

There is separate forum for Russian speaking players here
People post in Chinese same as they posted on old forum. As long as they select proper TAG in National Communities section, it’s ok. You can filter tags and block the ones, that you are not interested in.

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I like it. I had posts moved wrongly to the quieter Xbox forums in the past because I mentioned I play on Xbox even though my posts would apply to any platform.

the same was for the playstation section also

Yeah I can imagine. Better this way I suppose.

Except for the trust system which now exists. Also this new forum is not as mobile friendly as the old one was which makes it slightly more annoying.

I’m mostly on mobile while accessing the forums, which part troubles you? Maybe different browsers handle different with it or something.

I personally like the change.

Please use the tag “xbox” on xbox related posts.

You can then see all Xbox posts here: Topics tagged xbox

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