No getting any research, wtf

This is the lineup/setup im using and I get only 100-300 research per game, when I used to play with Israel I would get 8k+ every game and I am pretty decent so it really shouldnt be like that

When you research a vehicle that is more than 1 rank above or below what you’re playing with, you get a massive research penalty.
Here you’re trying to research a rank III vehicle with a rank VII lineup. Unless you get a premium vehicle, it won’t work


Yeah, that ^

Im not a war thunder expert so excuse me but I need just a premium vehicle in my lineup? or got to play with a premium vehicle or can I just buy a Talisman?

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You can have a premium vehicle in your lineup but what you gain with the other standard vehicles will still get a research penalty.
A talisman gives you an RP bonus but i don’t think it removes the penalty

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You don’t need premium or a Talisman, researching vehicles using tanks of the same rank or 1 rank lower is the most efficient, everything else will get penalised if you’re playing vehicles of a much lower or higher rank (premiums being the exception, they don’t get penalised for researching lower rank vehicles, but they do get penalised for researching much higher rank vehicles, Talismans have no influence)

don’t mind the other guy, this isn’t something the game explains