"No Enough Access Right To Perform This Operation" even after reinstall

Today im felling to play the KV-1!.. lemme start war thunder, wth? what is “No Enought Access right”
am i getting hacked by WoT?. thats what happened, i was tryng to start WT and that message pops out “no enought access right” a searched on google and they sayed to re-install WT, i did it and it pops again, i cant run WT as a admin becouse im on MacOS what do i do?


what do i do on there

You can create a bug report so that the technical moderators can look into the issue

nice thanks a lot

sooooo i re-installed the game and no more important info like .clog or like that type of thing and i cant report that so wth i do???

Id try to make a post in #community-technical-support