No bombs for Stock Strike Aircraft

Why on many (especially) higher br Strike Planes there are no stock bombs available (and no stock rockets) I think it would greatly impact the feeling of getting a new plane (strike) and using bombs from the beginning, Best example the Alphajet.

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It’s a phenomenon that’s not limited to high BR strike aircraft.

The Brigand at Tier III 3.7 is a bomber with no bombs. It has the manoeuvrability of a brick, which was made worse then they removed its combat flaps, and strafing or bomber hunting in the type is risking your life as much as the targets.

the french have a TT bomber that has no bombs at all

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MB175T? I have searched for bombs for it as I have an aversion to twin engined torpedo bombers, but I never found evidence they carried standard bombs. Maybe it never did.

Hmmm? The Brigand is still one of - if not the most agile bombers in the game. When I play it I exclusively bomber hunt or XP-50 hunt.


Because not all striking MUST be done with bombs. The Alpha jet gets a default belt of 1 practice tracer shell and 3 APHE shells with 57mm of pen AND a ballistic computer for that 27mm at 8.7. If you struggle to hit the plethora of light vehicles at those tiers then you need to practice ground targeting with guns.

@LeonDasPro The Brigand has 4 Hispano Mk. 5s with 200 rounds per gun at 4.0, and the first bomb mod is a rank 1 mod for like 1500 RP. It should also be labeled as a ground attacker instead of a light bomber. If you can’t get a 1500 RP without bombs in what is basically a heavier version of a Bf-110 with a higher airspawn and better guns, then the problem lies with you not the Brigand.

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It’s got a great turn rate due to the large wing, but roll rate is awful. Any half awake jock can outfly it, and you have to plan ground strikes carefully as you can’t so easily jink through AA.

And yes I’ve spaded it.

Because it will induce you to breakdown and just GE whip it to get the plane actually useable, much less competitive.

Or you can just play a couple of assaults with it.

You don’t often need to roll if you play it right, especially since it can turn with quite a few fighters. Catches a lot of people off guard.


Meanwhile as you are trying to plink as many ground targets as you can, you get bounced by a spaded fighter or cannibalistic strike spawn.

Hows the weather in Stockholm BTW?

You want to do more than roll unless all you plan is turn fighting. Rolls are quite handy when it comes to lining up targets in both air and fround/navalm

Don’t need to roll if you kill them in the first pass or head-on, with exception to them being critted enough where they’re simply at your mercy.

Oh no, strike aircraft getting killed by dedicated fighters? Thanks for stating the obvious. Who would ever have thought that attacking ground targets with enemy fighters in the sky would be a dangerous task. Let’s put it down to reserve so everyone can ground strike in air without any danger…

I would imagine the weather in Stockholm is much warmer than Snowflake City… Fun attempt at the Stockholm Syndrome thing, which I am assuming that’s what you were going for. Seriously, strike aircraft suffer against fighters because they aren’t meant to fight air targets unless they have to. This is reflected in gameplay because that is how these vehicles work. Even unspaded fighters will do work against the Alpha Jet because, you know, FIGHTER and not GROUND ATTACKER/TRAINER.

You know what balancing strikers for air combat gets you? Su-25s and A-10s being massively under-BRed for their ALL ASPECT MISSILES, 100s of flares (against mostly early IR missiles), and the worst pilots in game because they wanted them to be halfway decent fighters in air and everyone hates them except those who use them. Or you get aircraft like the Wyvern or Do-335B2 that go outside of their normal use because of an airspawn that allows them to be interceptors BETTER than the interceptors at the same BRs.


The Brigand is no bomber at all - a bomber has a bombardier and a bomb sight, the Brigand has no bomb sight and does not deserve the light bomber spawn (like the T-18B 57mm). The BR is 4.0 in Air RB.

The Brigand never saw combat - typical post war trash like the Wyvern.

There are a few very skilled pilots (they use obviously a HOTAS in Air RB) able to fight pretty well in them.

Yeah, this has baffled me as well.

Jaguar Gr1 and Jaguar Gr1A start with nothing. No bombs. No rockets and not even air to air missiles. Gunfighting in a strike aircraft at 9.7 and 10.3 respectively is brutal.

Combine with the fact the Gr1 has no CMs as well, it’s almost impossible.

Others like the Jaguar IS have A2A missiles to start, but no A2G.

What’s weird is that it varies so much. Buc S2B starts with it’s full 500lb bomb load and AAMs (though it has no guns this bit does make sense)

All strike aircraft should start with at minimum small rocket pods or small bombs. And when those options aren’t available, instead a minimal bomb load.