No bomb indicator when playing tanks

I´ve been playing WT ground battles AB for a while and i noticed, that sometimes the little red bomb icon indicating that a bomb is being dropped at my position does not show, even though i look for it around myself in a tank. Seconds later i get bombed.

Is there some kind of settings issue i should switch to make the icon show everytime? Or do i just have to move away everytime bomber flies above my position (even tho the bomber does not drop anything on me)?

Thanks for help

“invisible” bombs and tanks still not fixed, sadly. like you standing next to enemy tank but you only see it when you get shot from 2 meters

“invisible” bombs

Is that actually a thing though?

My understanding of bombs in ground battle (both via my own experience when bombing, and observation when I’ve been bombed) is that bombs dropped from higher altitudes will detonate on impact, whereas bombs dropped from low altitude or near around level will leave the bomb sitting there for a second or two before it explodes.

near *ground level…

nop, you got it wrong, its not high altitude dropping, bomb just lying next to you, but instead of “red bomb indicator” there is non, so sometimes you just dont pay attention and… KABOOM

That’s not what that is, that’s artillery…

no edit means I have to elaborate my mention, I wasn’t meaning the bombs, I was thinking they were mewaning the minimap crosshairsa that come up for the artillery strike inbound.

nope i meant dropping bomb indicator. Not artillery

If you read my responses, I distinctly mentioned that I was mistaken, and because there is no edit, I double posted.

It’s not when they are dropping, it’s when they are dropped, hence the confusion.

no hate mate, just explaining myself

(How comes I can/could edit with 0 forum input??)

----See, this is me editing AND I don’t even play WT!

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