NJ211B (HJ-8) - Shoot And Scoot

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TL;DR: A van-like vehicle equipped with the HJ-8 ATGM system.



The Sino-Soviet Split in the early 1960s made relations between the Soviet Union and China rather tense. So intense that China began considering its chances in battle against a Soviet force. The results of these considerations weren’t positive for a few reasons. During a border conflict in 1969, China had managed to capture a Soviet T-62 MBT. Through study of this vehicle, it was discovered that the tanks currently employed into the Chinese military would not be able to pose a significant threat to it. The existence of the even more heavily armed and armored T-64 did not make matters any better. Another weak-point of China’s military arsenal was its lack of off-road capable light wheeled vehicles. At the time, the only vehicle in Chinese service that fit this description was the BJ212, an incredibly light 4x4 car that, before the development of the Type 75 105mm Recoilless Rifle and HJ-8 ATGM system, could only carry light weapons that would pose zero threat to a Soviet MBT. For this reason, in 1970, the Ministry of National Defense issued an order requiring the Nanjing Yuejin Automobile Factory to develop a flat-top medium-sized multi-purpose vehicle. Around the same time, the development of a successor to the HJ-73 ATGM was also ordered. These developments led to to the NJ211B and HJ-8 ATGM system. In 1982, it was decided that these two pieces of newly developed military equipment were to be mated together. The NJ211B was modified to have a laterally opening hatch on its roof. A mounting for the HJ-8 ATGM system, which allowed for a full 360 degrees of traverse, was placed inside the cabin. This would allow the system to be raised and lowered through the use of a pneumatic lifting mechanism. A rack holding 4 extra ATGMs was also installed. In November 1982, the HJ-8 equipped NJ211B was test fired. It was discovered that the pneumatic lifting mechanism was unreliable and it was switched out for much simpler manual lifting mechanism. The vehicle continued to undergo tests from 1984 to 1985 before being accepted into service in September of 1986.

Place In War Thunder:

Small and quick vehicles have always had their spot in War Thunder’s meta. China has countless vehicles that fit this mold, with the NJ211B HJ-8 being one of them. Its small size makes it very difficult to spot with the naked eye and its speed would allow it to reposition effectively after every shot. Its 360 degree traverse gives it an advantage over most ATGM carriers as it does not need to move its chassis when engaging moving targets. That being said, the vehicle’s armor-less nature and limited ammo capacity would most certainly make its playstyle very reserved and cautious. If you were to be spotted by any plane, you’d be dead in the next instant and artillery would consistently be able to destroy you. Your best bet would be to stick close to friendly capture points in order to have access to a constant supply of ammunition. This vehicle could be added in a number of ways. I, personally, would like to see it in the tech tree or as a squadron vehicle, however, it could also act as an event reward due to its uniqueness and limited usability.


Armament: HJ-8 ATGM system

Dimensions: 4.36m, 1.94m, 2.09m (L,W,H)

Weight: 2800~kg

Armor: None

Crew: 5 (6 if a co-driver is included)

Ammunition: HEAT, Tandem, Bunker Buster

Speed: 90~kph

Horsepower: 87hp


Side View:




A preserved NJ211B with its HJ-8 system removed:


Vehicle Interior:





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图片损坏请重新上传 o7

Ofcourse +! This is the true battle bus! Gaijin can model the vehicle so the launcher can be lowere back into the vehicle, like the radars of SPAA’s and the launcher on the STURM-S. This will be cool as I can pretend to be a prop van.

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