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TL;DR: A HJ-9A ATGM system mounted on a 4x4 truck.



Some time in the 1990s, the Nanjing Motor Company of China, through a joint operation with Iveco of Italy, secured the license to produce Iveco 40WM 4x4 trucks in China. These trucks, after being put through numerous harsh tests, would be accepted into service with the PLA as the NJ2045 and the NJ2046. Both versions featured a 117hp engine, which allowed for a top speed of 100kph, and could be modified to fit a number of roles, however, the less robust NJ2045 was, for a while, strictly limited to non-combat duties, while the NJ2046 took on active military roles, such as: medical evacuation, border patrol, and even anti-tank. The anti-tank role was accomplished through the use of a HJ-9A ATGM system, a portable, yet extremely potent system fitted with a thermal sight for the gunner and capable of 1,200mm of RHAe penetration with a tandem warhead. The small size and speed of the NJ2046 combined with the incredible stopping power of the HJ-9A ATGM created an ideal shoot-and-scoot vehicle, however, due to the vehicle’s small size ammunition capacity was extremely limited, possibly only being able to carry 4 extra missiles. In the event that the vehicle found itself sitting in one position for a prolonged period of time or a more steady firing platform was needed, the HJ-9A system can be completely and quickly dismounted from the truck and set up on the ground.

Place In War Thunder:

Small and quick vehicles have always had their spot in War Thunder’s meta. China has countless vehicles that fit this mold, with the NJ2046 HJ-9A being one of them. Its small size makes it very difficult to spot with the naked eye and its speed would allow it to reposition effectively after every shot. Add a thermal imager and you have a very dangerous bush monster. That being said, the vehicle’s open-topped nature and limited ammo capacity would most certainly make its playstyle very reserved and cautious. If you were to be spotted by any plane, you’d be dead in the next instant and artillery would consistently be able to destroy you. Your best bet would be to stick close to friendly capture points in order to have access to a constant supply of ammunition. This vehicle could be added in a number of ways. I, personally, would like to see it in the tech tree or as a squadron vehicle, however, it could also act as an event reward due to its uniqueness and limited usability.


Armament: HJ-9A ATGM system

Dimensions: 4.50m, 2.00m, 2.48m (L,W,H)

Weight: 2800kg

Armor: None

Crew: 2 (3 if a co-driver is included)

Ammunition: Tandem and HE

Speed: 100kph

Horsepower: 117hp


Side View:


Top View:




HJ-9A Diagram:



HJ-9 anti-tank missile system | Missilery.info






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a wheel type CM25 :D