Night Vision Battles

Why are NB only available at 10.0+? Lower BR vehicles have NVD, yet they are completely useless. So why are tanks with NVD’s not allowed to be in night battles below 10.0? Is is because they want “themals only” in it?

Might be so everyone at said br is NVD capable. Would be unfair if Bob over thee in his 1940’s uptierd tank cant see

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Since night battles are voluntary now, that limitation simply doesn’t make sense anymore.

Ideally it should be up to each player to make the decision themselves, and as such there should be no BR limit at all IMO.

If you feel you have enough tanks with NVG, then enable. If not, disable. Simple as.

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Because post WWII AFVs came with NVDs historically?
Because sub-10.0 tanks can get dragged up to 10 and into night battles, or you can put one in a lineup that does?
Because they might have intended for there to be NBs at lower BRs (but all the whining…) ?

TBH- The game does miss a whole aspect of tank combat when they only allow ufos with thermal sights. Passive and active IR and visible light spotlights, need a totally different way of playing. And CAS would not be a thing.

Might be because of the rewards

You could turn off night battles previously by simply removing NVD from the tank. To your point people can choose whether they fight at night but they cant choose their opponents which may have thermals while they dont, or may may have commanders NVD. Some tanks while they have NVD don’t have it for the gunner making it challenging to play.

The point being that even if they lowered the BR, participation will likely be minimal. So by limiting it, you maximize players who will likely play it.

I personally would like night battles in non-thermal or NVD tanks and wea ll fight evenly with just flares…