Night Battles are not common enough

Give priority to night battles in search if people have them flagged

You know what they should do? just don’t give them an option to choose but force them by chance like it use to be and don’t listen to crying of those casual players there an gamemodes for them call arcade

Stock tanks do not have NVD included.

Why not? just leave if can’t handle simple as that

Crew lock punishes users from leaving maps which are not playable due to lack of modifications.

If you’d like to advocate for crew lock to be removed I have another thread suggesting adding that as a feature of premium.

Night battles should be optional, they should be more common.

Ahh yes players who have never played night battles choosing the rules for the players who actually lived through the trash gameslmode and was glad to no longer take part, enjoy your eco chamber of stupid ideas. I’m so glad you have no say on what player are forced to do in game.

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Yes because forcing players to play sth they do not want to play is such good game design.

Players got into ground BR to play WW II tanks. Thats it.
The different game modes are all just stuff pushed onto players. We need an option to disable Conquest and Battle if we wanted to.

Imagine you download CoD and suddenly you are forced to play King of the hill or Battle royal while you are a pure Team Deathmatch player.
The players would quit and complain in masses.
But in WT we have to lick gaijins boots? Nah you can do that. I will fight for my right to not be forced to play a game I do not want to play. I Play ground Rb for Domination as god intended.

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But what those casuals doing right now are crying and want gaijin to turn realistic battle into arcade 2.0 (which they already did now their attentions is crying about CAS)

You’re complaining about casuals but you’re not play simulator

Sim? It still force me to play shtty ass small map in modern tanks

Many people complain about the size of maps at top tier.

Oh yea i know i’m one of them because i just wanna use some brain and accuracy pick off tanks 2km aways it feel like how modern tanks should fight not CQC cluster F running about point and click and die respawn it tastless

I agree night battles are nice at top tier