Next patch and beyond wishlist(Everything except Tech Trees)

Djiboutian BTR-60 with AML-90 turret

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Looks like it has very low depression

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Argentine Sherman “Repotenciado”
A Sherman firefly upgraded with 105 mm L44/57 FTR gun & a 450 hp French Poyaud 520 V8 diesel engine.

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B1 Centauro VBC armed with the Hitfist 60 turret.
Was equipped with the OTO 60mm cannon aka the HVMS.

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Sri lankan light tank. Hull:Type 63 Turret: FV 601


not on this sole prototype but a 60mm hvms on the 8x8 is a nifty package

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Is that a 2A42 w/o a muzzle brake or a GSh-30-1?

2S14 Zhalo-S 85mm


Did I say right now? No. “Next patch and beyond wishlist” Calm yourself.


The OG Israeli T-54M3 prototype for Vietnam, circa 2011.
(costly & superior to the series produced T-54/55M3 that Vietnam eventually adopted)
Soviet 100mm D-10T2S replaced with Israeli 105mm M64 L71A L.52. The pintle mounted DShKM was replaced with an NSV.
60 mm C07 Commando mortar & CL-3030 IS-6 smoke launchers were mounted externally on turret side. LWR was added.
Turret front was upgraded with Israeli SL-ERA, very similar to that mounted on the Israeli Merkava. Composite material skirts were mounted on the sides of the hull
Power pack upgrade include an MTU 881 8-cylinder diesel engine with 1,000 hp coupled to an Ukrainian gearbox.
FCS upgrade include Spanish Indra Sistemas TIFCS-3BU FCS with laser range finder and thermal camera.

The prototype is easily identifiable from the regular T-54M3 from the camo scheme alone. A non-standard dark green base with black and orange stripes was applied with an embossed yellow star symbol by the Israelis.

As opposed to the standard Vietnamese camo scheme of light green, dark green and black spots with painted yellow star in red circle applied to the series produced T-54M3.

Vietnamese T-54M3:
As the prototype ended up being too costly, Vietnam Army resorted to simplify the T-54M3 upgrade for series production.
The modern Israeli SL-ERA was replaced with indigenous Vietnamese ERA. The 100mm D-10T2S with thermal sleeve & the DShKM were retained.
C07 Commando external mortar & CL-3030 IS-6 smoke launchers were removed. 2020 the project concluded.

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FT-7 BGI. A dual seater variant of F-7BGI. It lacks proper radar.

I hope some devs read this. I havent played for 2-3 years now. havent spent money on the game even longer. but i appreciate your recent efforts to solve problems and listen to the community. keep it up. if you manage to revive the sim mode i d even consider spending money on this game again.


I look forward rumor of wishlist summer event 2023 rewards post to this thread

Indian T-72 Ajeya Mk.2

Upgraded with Mk.II ERA (same capabilities as Kontakt-5), Israeli TIFCS and engine upgraded to 1000hp.

Mk.2 without TIFCS and HMG installed :

Mk.1 with TIFCS :

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Give it the controls of the atomic heart rolly robot and we’re set!

I want

Funny IR(?) guided anti-satilite missile for when F-15 comes out

Technically I think it would work against planes? Idk but would be funny while we wait for BVRAAMS


That would be hilarious 🤣

Abrams X design

without the garish side skirts, Abrams X looks really cool.

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AWX Prototype
The First Prototype Of Type 87AW Tested On The Type 61 Hull.