Next patch and beyond wishlist(Everything except Tech Trees)

“Yeah, the fake gun is super interesting. That uniqueness makes it more of an event vehicle IMO, like the replacement M10.”

  • Hmmm, that would also be an option - though I’m not sure a fake gun is a good enough reason to introduce a tank that was definitely mass-produced and used exclusively as an event vehicle.

“By the LOSAT comparison, I meant more that without an autocannon and with terrible armor for 11.0, it would be a highly specialized sniper vehicle (which is what it would excel at). A very, very specialized support vehicle, like the LOSAT, albeit in a different way.”

  • It would just be a missile hunting tank, yes. Like all non-MBT’s it would of course be insufficiently armored for a direct confrontation and should therefore not be in the first line, but it would probably still be relatively heavily armored for a fighter tank - I compare it here with the LOAST, the Chrisantema-S (which is 9.3 but still useful at top-tier) or the CV90120.
    Unlike them, it would probably withstand MG or even MK fire, which would be quite practical - but it would probably be more sluggish and definitely larger and more conspicuous.
    I just suspect it would ultimately play as a slower but slightly more stable rocket fighter tank - as long as you have the minimum range under control it should be widely deployable.

“I think the Hafiz (M113 with SPIKE NLOS) would be a more balanced TT vehicle.”

  • On which BR would you introduce this? I’m taking my cue from the Chrisantema-S on 9.3 and its capabilities, I would also think of this BR.
    As far as I’ve seen, the Hafiz has no other armament apart from the SPIKE and is also only lightly armored.
    Although the SPIKE track their target themselves, they lose it even if they can no longer see it - while the Chrisantema-S can also engage through fog.

The Hafiz also has Spike NLOS. So it would probably be .3 lower BR than the Pereh.
Both could be tech tree, I guess, I’d just be concerned about balance issues with NLOS weapons on a decently well-armoured vehicle.

Each launch vehicle has an infrared electro-optical tracking system. Target detection is typically done by a separate radar vehicle but fire units can work independently. The missiles themselves are fire-and-forget Python 5s which are IR-guided with IRCCM.

There is also a version with Derby or Derby-ER ARH missiles with longer (40/60km) range that could be an option for the near future.

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I think the MiG-31 would be a better fit for War Thunder. Slower, but more agile. Actually has a gun, R-33 missiles with decent g overload, and R-73s instead of R-60Ms.

The original prototype of KV-1 featuring 45mm & 76mm cannons, as well as KV-1 with 57mm cannon.
KV-85G (KV-1S with 85mm, suprisingly its still working today)

KV with S-41 howitzer.


What would the KV-85G offer over the KV-85? Would it just be a premium version?

And on the topic of KVs that need to be in game, KV-100 (KV-122/85 with S-34)

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Most likely premium/event vehicle of same BR as KV-85.
Oh and them finally fixing maximum speed for KV-85 (report was taken 2 years ago, still nothing changed about top speed)

I read about this in 90s russian magazine about tanks and tech, but couldnt find a single image of it, as magazine only had description of ZA-35, image of wheeled ZA-35, and sayings that turret was tested on T-72 as well. Tried finding it and couldnt for a long time, Thank you.

Kinda wish T 72 G21 would come too

20-25 RPM.
2A62 is tank version of 2A55 field gun, so they share same ammunition and specs. However I dont think ammunition used is known, but supposedly is around 300~ mm. APDS ofc. Thing was rejected for too low penetration, suggestion to develop 85mm ATGM was simply rejected.

Edit: Found info that thing had 3BM31 APDSFS, will be looking for its performance.


Also has a cannon, but I’d still like to see the MiG-25PDS.

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IDF tech tree expandation with the following one:
-Tiran 5
-Tiran 6
-TCM 20(BTR 152)(use BTR-152 instead of M3 halftrack)
-M4A1(FL 10)
reccommendation on tech tree location:

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Map changes according my experience:
-Restore old Eastern Europe map: current provide too much spawn camping point for both team and if you know them easily to hold a duck hunting. City part also a chaos about flanking from forest.

-Restore Normandy map before terrain modification. F and G line too favor for fast(especially wheel tanks) and team who captured C become a spawn camper and clear a city. If not want Make also playable the old one.

-Restore old Jungle map… G line directly connected 2 spawn and thanks to terrain change C point imposible to capture and hold by red team(right side).

-Restore old Poland map but keep fields of poland map. Old one have better terrain for arcade tank battles.

-550x550m version of Field of poland unplayable for tank, which maximum speed 20-30 km/h thanks to the terrain modification this vehicles lost his max speed and can do nothing make do, just die by bombers or stronger opponenet them useless.

-Fields of poland map need to be playable from BR 9.7+ a full cat and mouse style map and i belive not i am the only one who hate it thanks to his concept. (camp and waste 15 min of time to get one kill and get 400 battle point… really worth it.)

-maginot line on 400x400m: tanks which max speed 30km/h suffer on this map(like churchills)… need speed limit to play on this…

-European province… same as fields of poland

-Restore old artic base map: current is a tunnel style map, the old one provided much more opportunity to… or allow playable the old one also.

-Remove Sand of sinai from arcade battle

-Remove Pradesh from arcade battle

-Delete Tunis map variant: basecapure#2 … it’s an 550x550m map and provide a same than the smaller variant, not to talk, you need to cross on opened field, waste 3-4 min to capture camping point like in smaler variant.

-Delete Tunis map variant: Battle#2 for same reason like basecapure#2

-delete european province conquest#1 … its an 550x550m copy paste of 38 th parallel but play on opened field + too big for 12 vs 12 player.

-Restore the old Aral Sea, because the jetty work as a block : the first-two wave attack can’t use the cover here and the huge hight ground allow the opponenet to give a focus fire the acrossing or falling back teammate. (slow tanks will suffer when need to use alternate way to enter the cityand lost 1-2 minutes) (ok it will work as a spawn camping prevention but now as a blocking point also, to remove campers on city much more harder and advance to recover lost ground. …restore an old one and add a shipwreck to a current Lighthouse location and problem fixed).

-Delete Fire-arc variant: baseconquest#2 500x500m map with full opened, just capure C point and play duck hunting and hunt down easily the opposite team. to enter city 3-5 minute…

-Fire-arc Battle#2 have a same shoe…

-Restore old Fields of normandy: Thanks to terrain change on A line no hills and team who captured church on A4, it will destroy the whole opposite team thanks to the perfect spawn camping spot. The old map construction provided better cover and opporunities for both team thanks to the hills… but if never played on them you will never know that.

-Restore the old Amereican desert map, Current Rename as Desert small town. However have a same origin but created a full new map and replaced/removed the old one which also a great CQC map but have better construction…(New american desert: team from top side have less opportunity(old one provided more opportunity than Rush B)…)

-Delete Pradesh… 70% unplayable and 400x400m map, big and broken by concept.

That’s my point of view and my suggestion.


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Ground RB EC using historical lineups based on the Pages of History for that month.

Top light support/reco vehicles for French ground for covering the MBTs that are saddly alone for now:

Panhard CRAB (here with a 30mm + 7.62)
“The remotely operated turret can mount various types of weapons, from 7.62mm machine guns to 30 mm automatic cannons, and surface or air defense missiles”

Panhard Sphinx (40mm + 2 x atgms launcher (not sure wich one))

EBRC Jaguar (40mm + 2x F&F Akeron MP)

VBCI 2 CTA40 (40mm + 2x F&F Akeron MP)

VBCI 2 CTA40 Philoctète (diff with the basic one is unmaned turret)


VEXTRA POLE (literally the Leclerc’s turret on wheels)


What about the kv1c Original? Weve got the captured version of it but not the russian one.

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Speaking of captured KV-1s, how about the Finnish KV-1B goes in the Finnish tree instead of the German one! And the KV-1A (AKA KV-1 ZiS-5).


Already in the german premium one cant be removed from it. (In terms of players who alreasy have it) But yes obviously it should be in the swedish main tree as well.

But lets be realistic here. The kvib and kv1e are some of gaijins moneymakers. They aint gonna just hand that out for free. Id be surprised if they did that.

Don’t remove KV-1B, just keep it unobtainable for the future. Add KW-IA 753 (r), a KV-1A but with F-32 for Germany at 4.3. If Gaijin really wants, make the KV-1B premium for Sweden and have only the KV-1A as Tech Tree.

KV-1B is an event vehicle and completely out of their hands since it’s a marketplace vehicle.
Which should honestly make it be able to go to Sweden without any problem.