Next patch and beyond wishlist(Everything except Tech Trees)


New Taiwanese (ROCA) suicide drones and launcher.

I wonder how effective they could be used against tank and heli’s.

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Belarusian BRDM “Cayman”




J-35 (China)


Wolf 8x8 armoured Car.


Rank III Israel

M-1 Sherman- 180 M4A1 (76)s purchased from France in 1956. 5.0 (reserve)

M-50 Degem Alef- 50 M4A4s rearmed with 75mm SA-50 gun. 420hp engine and VVSS. Found in-game as M4A4 (SA50) in French tree. 5.0.

M-50 Degem Bet- 250 M4s of several versions armed with SA-50. 460hp engine and HVSS. I’d recommend one based on the M4A3 as shown. 5.3, foldered under Degem Alef.

M-50 Achilles- M10 IIC Achilles refitted with SA-50, smoke grenades, and 410hp engine. 4.7 (reserve).
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L-33 Ro’em- 155mm SPG based on M4A3E8. 200 produced. NATO-standard munitions, 6RPM, minimal armour protection. 5.0.
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M-50 Degem Yud- M-50 Degem Bet based on M4A3 lowered by 30cm. This reduced profile, lowered mass, and increased slope of the front plate, increasing its effectiveness. One prototype. 5.7 premium.

M-50 Degem Bet (M4 Hybrid)- M-50 Degem Bet based on M4 Hybrid. 5.0 Premium.
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Move TCM 20 to Rank III.


idk why but i feel it like a small AMX

It’s an armored car, everyone has those.

SPYDER AA at 11.0 - the IDF really, REALLY needs a top-tier AA

Tiran-1 = T-54
Tiran-2 = T-55
Tiran-5 = T-55 + new chainplates + M2 Browning
Tiran-5S = T-55 +105mm Royal Ordnance L7 cannon +IR searchlight for commander + homing device - some later with ERA
Tiran-6 = T-62
Ti-67S = T-62 + 609hp Detroit 8V-71T diesel engine + weapon stabilization system + IR detectors + new night vision devices for commander, gunner and driver
This would significantly increase the BR by 7.7 to 9.0.

Merkava 3D at 11.0 for a playable 11.0 BR.
Other tanks for the IDF layout would be:
Pereh 10.7 - 11.3
Merkava Mark IIC 9.3
Merkava Mark III BAZ 11.0
Merkava Mark III LIC 11.0 [premium].
Namer 7.0 - 9.0 (+/-) (with reconnaissance function - the IDF practically lacks this completely - one Version with, and one Version without Hard-Kill-System)
Eitan APC (with reconnaissance function - one Version with, and one Version without Hard-Kill-System)


Is the Spyder able to fire without a separate radar vehicle?

Otherwise besides AA, Israel needs IFV’s WAY more then more of the same tanks.

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Some Chinese pilot: Xi Jinping Can we have F-35?

Xi Jinping: No, we have F35 at home.

As far as I know, yes.
The problem with the SPYDER is that it only has 4 missiles and has to be set up.

However, these missiles are great for this.

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… and yes, I agree with you that the IDF definitely needs more IFVs - more urgently than medium tanks.
I only included the Tiran series for the sake of completeness and because they would be practical.
We already have the Merkava 3D - just not in the IDF.

With the Pereh we would finally have a high-tier tank destroyer and with the Namer and Eitan we would have the IFVs.

If you’re talking about the Namer and Eitan with the 30mm turret with Spikes, that’s 10.7 material, similar to the Lynx. Those are urgently needed.
Otherwise I don’t think a vehicle at 9.3 with only a .50 cal would be particularly fun to play…

In fact, I am thinking of both vehicles.
With the Zachlam Tagger, when I couldn’t get to grips with the throwers at the beginning, I just cleared them up - that worked too.

But of course the focus is on the later one with the missiles, and that would have to be on 10.7, as you say.

I don’t think the Pereh would fit well in Tech Trees with its NLOS missiles and low ammo count, but it’d be a perfect event vehicle.

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To leave Pereh out of the researchable tree would be almost criminal if you ask me.

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The Pereh has 12 Spike-Missles, not much, but i think it’s enough for a battle.

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The Pereh would definitely be at least 11.0. Spike NLOS is TV- guided while still being able to be used in fire and forget. They’d work like the ATGMs of the Warfare 2077 event, making the Pereh unkillable except by CAS on many maps. With such a high BR and being a pure ATGM vehicle (the gun is fake) I see it being a very effective but very specialized support vehicle. Similar to the LOSAT in that way.

I have a similar view, it is clear that the Pereh must be in the high-tier or top-tier range.

Incidentally, the camouflage provided by the gun appeals to me even more about the tank, the fact that it might not be recognized as a Pereh at first, especially in simulator battles, appeals to me just as much as its real armament ;)

In contrast to the LOSAT, however, I don’t think it’s quite as specialized in its intended use - it will probably have a minimum range, but that’s probably its only real specific weakness.

Yeah, the fake gun is super interesting. That uniqueness makes it more of an event vehicle IMO, like the Ersatz M10.

For the LOSAT comparison I kinda more meant that without an autocannon and with terrible armor for 11.0, it’d be a highly specialized sniper (which it would excell at). Very, very much a specialized support vehicle, like the LOSAT, though in a different way.

I think the Hafiz (M113 with SPIKE NLOS) would be a more balanced TT vehicle.

Along with the Giraf (M113 with TOW)