Next patch and beyond wishlist(Everything except Tech Trees)

Su25 at home:

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Funny or not. What we really need in-game, which should be easy to implement, is the ability to ban more cards.
You can ban one map and that’s it. Considering the number of maps, that’s far too few!
There are so many maps that are either too small or large for the BR you are driving, or simply unbalanced.
Gaijin could also try to simply remove a few cards that most players don’t want to play from the map pool.

Never heard of the ruag leo 2 before. And honestly i agree with france alone getting it. Germany has a bunch more MBTs of both the leo 1 and 2 and even the earlier 2k prototypes that could be added.

From what ive seen it looks like theyre struggling to find leclerc variants to add.

Id rather get a home brew mbt than one from another nation.

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They probably will struggle to find more but the Leclerc’s are missing rounds, we don’t have the XLR either. But they will soon be in a similar position as they are finding they are with the Challenger 2’s.

They may want to consider adding the larger guns although that does nothing for the armour or the gun breach, France still has 120mm equivalents up to at least DM53 maybe even DM63 120 level.

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From what I know there’s the prototype, UAE Leclerc, T4, and XLR. AZUR should have been a modification as well. The S1 and S2 should be 11.3 or 11.7 as well.

We don’t have much else besides that. Which is why we’re more focused on getting lighter vehicles added, especially since we don’t even have any at top tier.

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Collab with FFXIV would be nice! Like Soundtracks, Decors, and stuff.


Example Soundtrack (I often listen to these ones when I do high tiers)


Spent some time looking into things Germany can use.

Boxer RCT-30 w/ Spike & Strike Shield APS

The KF-41, since Germany’s Rheinmetall was the one to develop it in the first place. It’s addition to Germany would save development time for other vehicles to be added.

Tracked boxer with RCT-120 w/ Trophy APS

Panzerselbstfahrlafette II 7,5 cm Kanone L/41 auf Zugkraftwagen 5 Tonnen.

Leopard 2A7+, will add a meaningful amount of progression later from the 2A6 when Rank VIII is added.

Leopard 2E, it’s used by Spain and is a development of the 2A6.

Leopard 2SG, a Singaporean 2A4 Evolution variant.


Thank you. I have such themes on another forum, wich passed to the developer. You offer to discuss it there. For France i did some too:

France must have it first, Germany second (or at same time)
And some light vehicle:


Wich developed on 2a6ex as a 2a6hel

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shard should be more like dm73 i thought but ya definitely plenty of Leclercs to add.

To fix the France/Germany relationship



SU25’s American cousin

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yeah it’s me again to ask for ZBD04(A)


and ZBD04A:


the ZBD04(A) brief introduction


More like a T-80, T-72 has bigger road wheels, and less road wheels. I’m pretty sure that is just a T-80 prototype.

Strv 103 D

The NERA Alternative-S

It’s goofy to think that a T-80 could one shot this with a HE round


It can?

It should have 40-42mm of pen as far as I remember, seeing as the roof is like 30-40mm and main armor is 40mm, I think it should, but I forget that it has a spall shield that would probably stop it from the front. Here’s the 3OF26 stats.

Strv 103 roof

Beyond the obvious in the room (Challenger 2 overhaul, Top tier jet for britain, More light tanks, armored cars and IFVs for britian) I would LOVE to see new modern british models. Having a WW2 American tanker drive my new Vickers Mk11 is INSANELY out of place…perhaps with the addition of Land Rovers with Milans and Javelins and stuff, we’d see some DPM camo equipped soldiers!


Another wish is to give all Japanese type 16s that have or will have the 105 jsw gun the type 93 round so they can all sit at 9.7 it’s crazy how the “upgrade” is worse than the original as the 16s are meant as a upgrade to the 74s yet E F G are better then the P and FPS this is not only experience based complaint but accuracy complaint

Type 4 Ho-To. 120 mm howitzer on a modified Ha-Go chassis.