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Tell me, what is there from France?

This is not like EMBT, where the participation of France and Germany is visible.

This tank was not declared as Franco-German. He is a full-blooded German. While there is no 140mm gun, France is not involved in it.


Just be like “Dutch company made the vehicle, so goes to France” jk

Leopard 2A-RC 3.0

More info from Nicholas Drummond (UK advisor to KNDS) :

“Leopard 2 A-RC 3.0 is essentially a bridge between Leopard 2 and MGCS / Leopard 3. Like Abrams X, it sets out to increase performance across all three sides of the iron triangle. It loses around 10 tonnes in weight, so power to weight ratio is increased improving mobility. Despite the reduction in weight, the adoption of an un-crewed turret allows for an increased level of protection. By adopting an autoloader, the tank is able to mount a larger 130 mm or 140 mm gun.
The double trunnion set-up of the turret is a key innovation because it allows good elevation and depression angles while maintaining a low overall silhouette. the tank has APS baked-in from the outset to ensure all-round coverage. The secondary weapon station has lightweight 30x113 mm chain gun which performs a counter-UAS role.
The tank has three crew members who sit in a central protected citadel. With no turret intrusion into the hull, the crew are fully isolated from ammunition stowage. As before the turret ammo stowage has blow-out panels. This ensures greater survivability.
An extensive range of external sensors and situational awareness aids gives the crew exceptional view of the ground around them. Sensors linked to AI detect incoming threats automatically and much better than a crew member sticking their head out of the turret.
The crew compartment has much more space and comfort than before, yet the overall protected volume of the tank is smaller.
The MTU / Renk powerpack is carried forward with only minor changes ensuring the tank is powerful, reliable, and as economical as possible given its weight.
The icing on the cake is two long-range / NLOS ATGMs, able to engage targets beyond the range of the main gun. To all those who say the tank is dead, this is KNDS’s response. It says the tank is just getting started.”


I mean, the Hull is a heavily modified 2A7 hull to my knowledge, but the turret is heavily based around the LecLerc turret design, obviously heavily modernized, but still is nonetheless, not to mention the new version of autoloader it recieves, which is Patented by Rheinmetall.

I read the article on KNDS website again and you may right, it would make more sense in the german TT . I believe it was made by KNDS detschland, I thought it was made by KNDS France first because I saw this on the french website.
however I believe the tank can have the french “ASCALON” 140 mm canon so this version could technically be in the French TT maybe


The turret is a beefed up RCT120, which was already shown by KMW in 2020 on the tracked Boxer.

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Where did you see the Leclerc Tower here???

Or does Germany have no experience in the production of Kf-51 with automatic loader?



Sorry, I thought you were talking about the MGCS/EMBT, sorry.

The last image you added is actually the one from the EMBT.

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Looking at that gives me a headache. The Boxer platform looks like it never should have gotten tracks.

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Leclerc turret on leopard chasis looks pretty snazy, still want the swedish trial leclerc for france with paper designed beak armor, doubt we will see these metal beasts in game any time soon lol.

The what-?

Premium Indian helicopter for UK



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I want it for sweden now.


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Pure Bliss right here, nah it was meant for the swedish if they had gone with the leclerc but id rather see it on france. The fuel tanks on the bavk and the beak armor are just really cool.

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Id rather see us swedes get it, maybe as an actually unique premium.


Nah, id rather see sweden get finnish Patria’s then the leclerc, besides itd be a cool addition to the french top tier

Okay but I need e v e r y MBT in sweden >:)