Next patch and beyond wishlist(Everything except Tech Trees)

Nice! For which tech tree did you have this one in mind?

USA, since it’s an American vehicle with an American gun and American misisles.

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I guess new content for third major update ~ fourth major update (september ~ october)

  • AIM-9M late number (AIM-9M-8, AIM-9M-9 & AIM-9M-10)
  • Targeting pod with 2+ gen and 3rd gen thermal for NATO aircraft standard
  • Another unique chinese 2nd gen ~ 4th gen IR AAM seeker (PL-2B, PL-5E, PL-5E II, PL-8A, PL-8B & PL-9C)
  • Another AIM-9 sidewinder variants (AIM-9N, AIM-9S & AIM-9P-5)
  • GPS/INS precision-guided munition (PGM)
  • Another targeting pod 70’s ~ early 80’s
  • Another active radar homing medium-range Air-to-Air Missile (AIM-120C-3, AIM-120C-4, SD-10, I-Derby, I-Derby ER, TC-2 & TC-2C)
  • Another 1st gen fighter aircraft from USN in rank V ~ VI
  • Another USAF fighter aircraft 9.0 ~ 9.3 with AIM-9B
  • Another 3rd gen fighter aircraft in rank VII ~ VIII

That’s 75mm recoilless rifles.

Here’s the version with 4x 105mm:



GT-MU Fire Support vehicle
Perhaps this vehicle can sit at 6.3 - 6.7


GT-MU Fire Support Vehicle - Tank Encyclopedia


Always room for more recoilless rifles.

That’s a dope PFP, was it from an event or Smthn, or the battle pass?

Battlepass ive grinded out every challenge so and have done my dailies and everything lol, rank 69 rn

Very nice

Thanks, working on gripen skin suggestions at the moment, doing one rn for the Gripen Aggressor

This one?

The Gryffon on the tail is a nice touch imo.

I’d really like if gaijin put more time and effort into adding realistic paints and camos to tanks and planes, and then not locking them behind a paywall, but make it unlockable like the Grey camo for the JA37C



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I wonder what the turret protection is like, to me it doesn’t look like it could be that high though that’s obviously one reason that the turret is unmanned.

Still a cool as hell tank

EMBT 2018 (Germany and France)

EMBT 2022 (Germany and France)

KF-51 Panther for Germany and Panther KF-51 EVO for Italy (Hungarian tank)

Leopard 2 A-RC 3.0 (Germany)


M1A1SA-UKR different config :

With Kontakt-1 ERA on turret front and sides and slat-armour on turret roof on top of the existing K-1 ERA on hull LFP & UFP.

Another variant having M-19 ARAT-1 blocks at turret front and sides, on top of the existing K-1 ERA on hull LFP, UFP and little bit on turret sides:

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I know it’ll be a spicy discussion for the ages but what tree do you want to see this vehicle appear in?

Honestly, Ukr tree can’t be implemented right now,
the only way a Ukr tree can be implemented in near future is via as subtree under Polish or Visgerad tree, IMHO … event then these modified NATO tanks will have the lowest priority to be added there.
As for the origin nation, US has better Abrams that can be added than this one, I suppose.

Love the new EMBT/MGCS, one of the best looking tanks all time.

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