Next patch and beyond wishlist(Everything except Tech Trees)

S-3B Viking for US tree
And possibly S-3A for prem/event

Very interesting aircraft with more civilian style engine/placement. Eventually when more modern ships with long range missiles and submarines come this would be very nice. It has a bunch of sensors and pod capabilites to detect submarines and ships.

Has 6x hardpoints, 4x inside and two on wings. Which in total are able to carry 2.2t kg of ordnance.
Wing pylons can carry fuel tanks, rocket pods, AShM, AGM, ARM and other missiles and bombs.

Inside it can carry torpedoes and bombs. Also nuclear depth charges.

It has ALE-39 countermeasure system which has 60-90 flares/chaff depending on variant, also has expendable jammers.

s-3 Viking

S-3A has AN/APS-116 sea search radar
S-3B has AN/APS-137 FLAR radar

Difference between S-3A and B are the radar, avionics and S-3B has capability to use harpoon AShM.


AN/APS-116 Radar data
AN/APS-137 Radar data


I REALLY want them to add more modern torpedoes for high tier jets (if they could even get them) or even the props that could (shakelton). would give them time to fix any bugs that may come of it and would allow me to actually destroy ships in sim without being shot to buggery, or simply doing no damage as they missiles hit the conning tower and not the deck.

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can it carry hellfire or maverick?

Yes to the mavericks

Indian upgraded “ZSU-23/4” Shilka featuring new AESA RADAR w/ TWS Mode, new engine, thermals, etc. Would be a menace. It would help the UK tree but I’d like to see this in it’s own tree somehow. Don’t think new ammo was introduced.


More French TPK Tactical vehicles.


Fires LAU9 rockets specificly :
The 3 kg FZ-49 anti-armour capable of piercing more than 350 mm of conventional steel armour plate

VLRA TPK 4.25 STL Mistral




M40a1 recoiless rifle


it has carried and fired maverick E and F missiles, I dont think it can carry hellfires.


Its now a open top spaa?

What a lovely spaa you have for my Glorious British Empure

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For the love of God, add more medium- and long-range AA systems to all top-tier ground trees. I don’t care how creative they have to get, multi-system radar anti-air or otherwise; with longer-range ATG munitions being added almost every update, we need more (multiple trees, not just Russia, lol) SAM systems at top-tier.

IMO the Pantsir was a great addition to the game, the developers mistake was failing to add systems with similar potency to the other nations. Even as an avid CAS enthusiast, I strongly believe that AA must always be the stronger presence on the battlefield, specifically in outranging the weapons systems of aircraft, as it is one of the only ways to keep mixed battles from becoming Air RB.

Just the hatches are open to show off the new fire control systems.


Probably British premium if it even gets added , i don’t really see India coming to warthunder as its “own tech tree” anytime soon since they don’t really got unique vehicles or indigenous designs

A-4M please

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More US 12 gun battleships at 7.0 (this picture is USS California before her whole “rebuild”, but the rebuilt version would probably be better in game.)

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Very interesting list of another french aircraft for france tech tree in the future


USA SPAA please at anytime

And don’t get me started on not top tier planes still to add, advanced Mirage III and Mirage F1 variants, more early jet etc… x)

Oshkosh M1278 JLTV with Cockerill CPWS 2.0 unmanned turret, mounting a 25mm Bushmaster and a twin Javelin launcher.


Nice! For which tech tree did you have this one in mind?

USA, since it’s an American vehicle with an American gun and American misisles.