Next patch and beyond wishlist(Everything except Tech Trees)

It was supposed to be warrior CSP


my meme is just about the origin pic of that photoshop.

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bravo sir, bravo

I was not going to post it here … but I really really liked the design … so hence ended up posting here anyway …
and as @Tim_TeaDrinker also alluded, the edit from KNDS pokes fun at the Warrior CSP, same 40mm CTA on tracks sans the Akerons i.e “the-what-could-have-been”

Firestreaks were good missiles for the time but needed radar lock to fire IRL, plus a fire control system with a bunch of vacuum tubes and whatnot. That’s mainly what prevented it being mounted to smaller fighters. In comparison the AIM-9 was pretty “plug and play” and you could put it on anything that had a pylon in the first place.

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Japan 75mm prototype anti-tank SPG. 4 horse power, literally.


Nah, horses have like 2.5 horsepower. Makes as much sense as having 2000lbs per ton or something stupid like that: only imperial measuring unit I accept is Fahrenheit and that’s only for ambient temperature.

I had to check when this was posted to make sure it wasnt yesterday.

Westland TF Mk.1

Westland Wyvern Mk.2: Both the Mk.2 and the S.4 are quite similar however we can figure out a way to deal with this issue


Blackburn Firebrand TF Mk.II (I know the pic below is of a Mk.I however both are very similar)


Blackburn Firebrand TF Mk.V: I recomened that the Mk.IV gets replaced with the Mk.V with the Mk.VA can be unlocked as an upgrade as well as being moved to Tier III (I don’t like BR 4:0-4:3 aircraft being Tier III especially if there is aircraft at Tier III at a lower BR, Japan used to be the worst offender to this problem however now it is the UK that is the worst)


The Beaufighters are also very good aircraft that are at 3.7 and rank II. Why? They are very good aircraft in my opinion especially since they got the bombs.

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The issue that the Beaufighter Mk.21 which is the one at 3.7 is only at Tier II meaning you cannot grind events and is very limited in grinding daily’s task. The Mk.VI & X are 3.0 which is more appropriate for Tier II

To add insult to injury the Firefly Mk.I, Hellcat Mk.II & Mosquito Mk.XVIII are at BR’s 3.3 & 3.7 respectively yet they are at Tier III for some reason

I just want the BR’s and their corresponding Tiers to be a little more consistent, that is all with very few exceptions

Yeah the Hellcat and Thunderbolt get the premium bias

I’d love to see a few things, the P-38M, F3D-2M, A-37, xp-72, f4u-5n and some more but those are my main ones I can think of off the top of my head


Yes, plz.
M55 for both US and Taiwan.
M53 for US.
M108 for both US and Taiwan.
M109A5 for Taiwan.

I’d love an event with goofy HE slinging TD’d like these

and T162 can be interesting

Bundeswehr can’t resist naming vehicles after animals.

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Yea, yea sure for US
Also I forgot XT69A1 for Taiwan.

Hey can you guys add T4-Armata if its possible

T14-armata to 10.0 when. It’s just a 2s38 with some era and aps slapped on it. So either the era will provide 500mm of ke protection or it lol be put at a br so low you’ll laugh. Or the aps will be able to stop apfsds rounds.

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Only if they add equivalents for other nations could I see it being adde- (glances at pantsir), nah wait this is gaijin we talking about so nvm, expect it next update

In all seriousness we could see it at the end of year with other fun stuff for nations at top tier but who knows