Next patch and beyond wishlist(Everything except Tech Trees)

Probably the double barrel version of this.

That’s the Rafale I want the most, and I’m patiently awaiting 13.3 for it.

Totally agree, however, i wonder, if they add IFV line, would it be combined with SPAA just like now, or no? Plus ,since the Spike-MR on Freccia implemented, Namer would be possible for 10ish Battle Rating due to its APS and Merkava IV Chassis

BNS Bangabandhu. Heavily modified Ulsan class frigate.

Can you find more information about this vehicle? I am trying to create a post about this, but I need historical overview.

I’ll try.

Type 91 Kai (SAM-2B) for Type 93 to help with current SAM situation or hopefully the new Japanese SAM they are working on. I hope it comes before the end of this year.


I’m pretty sure that’s a Syrian hell cannon mounted to the truck though I could be wrong

It’s a general name for an improvised mortar like this

Sometimes they shoot 300mm propane bottles too


It looks like that truck actually has rocket pods mounted, but I’m pretty sure the original image is still a hellcanon

Do you know what the Kai brings to the table?

Yeah the truck in the picture I shared had rocket pods instead of cannon

swedish land rover rbs 70 sam


I honestly don’t know much myself about the vehicle but the Boxer wheeled armored vehicle would be pretty dope.
By what I have seen it is basically a wheeled Puma LMFAO.

I know - AUS Army, Germany and some other countries are getting the vehicle.

So maybe something that could go in both Germany and GB Tech Trees

Also we need the damn LAV-25/ASLAV please


Boxer has a lot of fun modules, ranging from the Skyranger 30 air defense turret, to a 120mm L44 turret w/Spike LRs

Junkers 287


We could also see it’s Soviet variants

OKB-1 EF 131

OKB-1 140


Awesome, I am all for it!

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Mitsubishi F-2


↪——— Small wish list ———↩
Since Gaijin has already said that the (JAS-39 Grippen) will still find its way into the game this year, I wanted to make a small list that could come as a counter to the grippen in the same update.

F15A Eagle. [United States, Israel, Japan]

F/A 18 Hornet. [Usa, Finland=Sweden] Hornet_of_VMFA-212_in_flight_over_the_South_China_Sea_on_8_October_2003_%286638451%29.jpg

EF2000 (Eurofighter Typhoon). [Germany, Great Britain, Italy]

Dassault Rafale. [France]

Su-27 flankers. [Russia, China]


Waiting patiently for the BR of 13.0 so we can enjoy it.

BTW, you meant F-15C, not A, but beautiful presentation otherwise.

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I want F-15J just for the skins they make a new one like every week lmao, here is the newest one