Next patch and beyond wishlist(Everything except Tech Trees)

Toyota Landcruiser 70 with Metis M1 ATGM

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Tbf truck with gun is an established class of vehicle in game already

Ukrainian Ground Forces at least, maybe a full tech-tree, although that would have to be smaller than contemporaries in Aviation even with new vehicles and some unique workarounds (armed jet trainers, etc, although we practically have such aircraft in game already)


I’d love to see Ukrainian tanks, and they’d make the most sense in the Soviet tree (the Soviet tree being made up of the successor states for modern vehicles) but given the current RL situation i don’t think this will happen anytime soon.

  • There’s not enough vehicles for a full tree (you couldn’t start lower like Israel)
  • There’s no other trees where Ukrainian vehicles would make sense (Unless a mixed Euro tree comes)

As a side note, I’d love a Pol/Czech/Yugo/Romania etc tree. Theres some interesting home grown vehicles (from most eras) as well as plenty of unique mods to Soviet equipment.


the problem there is that ukraine was part of the nation we already have in game called Soviet union


They do have a lot of indigenous vehicles and modification to vehicles they designed for / inherited from the Soviet Union, which would be viable and competitive in game

Those vehicles deserves to be in the USSR tech tree.


That’s not a valid argument. Real world politics has no place in game.


I never said Ukraine is Russia.Neither Ukraine or Russia is the sole representative of USSR.USSR doesn’t mean Russia.I respect their sovereignty.
Ukrainian and vehicles from other ex soviet countries should go in the USSR tree because they were the same country at one point.Also most of their equipment is based on soviet design. Adding them as a separate tree or a sub tree for some other nation doesn’t make any sense.Again i would like to remind you that adding vehicles from those nation in the ussr tree is not disrespecting their sovereignty.

Also there isn’t any tech tree apart from USSR where you can add Ukraine as a sub tree.Where do you want to add it?in the US tree?


I dont understand how that feels disrespectful to you.Ukraine had no issues with ussr so it shouldnt be a problem.(USSR is already too OP i dont think it needs a sub tree.Some ukrainian vehicles can be added in it while others that have connections with western nations can go to the western tech trees.)


Not the time or place for any of this.

You’re going to get the thread locked if a mod see’s it.


Good thing there is no “Russian tree” however we have a in-game nation called the Soviet Union which included Russia.
Anyhow, the fact that this is still being argued about is mind boggling.

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Oh good, so that tree ends in 1991 right? So the mig you can see now, and the SMT, the T80BVM all of that gets removed and placed into another tree since the failed ussr experiment collapsed? If not, then its just a russian tree by another name.

Please do not continue this discussion here.It is a thread about wish listing vehicles not tech tree discussion.


If I remember it correctly there was a few rules for wish listing in the old forum.I think tech tree wish listing was prohibited in the old thread.
Should i add it as a rule?

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I’d move over any rules the old one had.

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I just checked the old thread it did not have such rules but i think i should add it.
Tech tree discussions need a separate thread anyways.

Really? I remember the old one saying “except tech trees” in the thread title.

Yeah you are right.I didnt notice that in the first place.


MF-212 for Hungary

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