Next patch and beyond wishlist(Everything except Tech Trees)

I like those too!

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That thing is so small, the head of the driver is above the barrel.

it’s way of working is soldiers drive it to the position, get off and hide, then remote controll it. But to be honest, it’s something Norinco used to show off their technology in romote controlled vehicles and the turret with high adaptability.

That’s not something that fits into the game methodology, although the AA gun/SAM variants could work out.

One person can ride and probably control it

The gun would have to go almost completely up to even go over the driver. XD

How? The driver sits in the back not in the front.


that’s the gunner?

Both driver and gunner I guess. Since its remote controlled.

the steering wheel is clearly on the starboard side in the front.

Oh. Didn’t notice that

As long as the gunner is experienced enough nothing will happen to the driver XD.

It’s one big grill which rotates to cook some bacon.

is that even a real thing for the plane?

which fuel does it use?

Ghale dessler!

Wasnt there a chieftain protype that did exactly that?

Yes and a leopard that looks very low poly

Fellow SBY enjoyer, wonderful to see!