Next patch and beyond wishlist(Everything except Tech Trees)

No worries, Sweden got this


I wish they add the modern Thai roundel. The one in the game is the old one from the second world war.

old one


New/Curent One



Anyone got any Wallace and gromit prototypes they know of? Most of what I find with British prototypes is that all of it was built but never put together so it’s like trying to ask gaijin to build my Lego kit for me.

Gaijin please add to the USA tree the LAV 25.

It would be nice to have an additional vehicle like the LAV with an autocannon to have a competitive gun for an IFV, whereas the Lav-AD is a different type of vehicle. How about give us the LAV 25 to go along with it as another flanker option?

Look at all the Soviet vehicles with autocannons as an example. And other nations receiving IFVs recently with autocannons. I’m aware the USA already has the Bradley, but the LAV 25 would be a different vehicle and faster giving it better flanking abilities.

Please add this soon.


J-10 and Su-35 must be added.
The J-10 should be the chinese equivalent of the F-16, not the J-8F(which in real life is the chinese equivalent of the F-5E).
Additionally new SPAAs are needed.

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VAb UTM 800.
it would basically be a better mephisto :

  • 6x6 (4x4 on the mephisto)
  • 16 missiles in reserve (8 on the mephisto)
  • a 7.62 mg can be mounted on the front (would be cool if it was modification so people can take it or not)
  • -6 / 22° elevation (-10/10 on the mephisto)
    it is used by Cypre and quatar so it could be labeled as a cyprus or quatari vehicle.
    Would be a really good adition as a squadron vehicle or in the regular TT after the Mephisto.

Tiger ARH (australian version of the Tiger)

I believe it’s basically the same as the french Tiger HAD so it won’t be difficult for Gaijin to give us that .
it could also be a good squadron vehicle or maybe a premium , but it would be weird to have another premium TIger when we already have one

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Since now we have the first Thai vehicle, I wish for more Thai vehicles to be added in the future as well.


Thai T-84 Oplot

Thai Stingray

F-5TH with BVR and Fox 3 capability (Derby)


Japan is still missing a fox 3 carrier maybe we’ll see something Thai related for next updates fox 3 introduction


We should recieve F-15J with Amraams or F-2 first.

Thai vehicles shouldnt be first solution.

Agreed but that depends if we will see such F-15 and i doubt F-2 is coming for the reason of AESA and early F-2 not using AMRAAMS or AAM-4.

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I would like to see both the F-101B Voodoo complete with AIR-2 Genie unguided nuclear rockets X2 and the F-106 Delta Dart, also with the single AIR-2 Genie rocket.

But the X-wing is restricted to only Mach 3.2 below 10,000 ft and the gravitational compensator is limited to 11.7 G inside a planet’s atmosphere!

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AAM4 i think is too advanced but could give it AMRAAMS but the americans will moan if they don’t get their one too

F2 had a AESA radar which is too advanced right now

Well Japan doesnt have manu options when it comes domestic vehicles but its still better then foreign vehicles, F15 has the highest chance i believe.

Radar can always be placeholder until they add proper counterparts, Gripen is one of the famous example in that case.

That’s not for the same reason though

Logic is same tho, F2 can use placeholder radar(F-16C’s for example) until we got proper counterparts, its a much better solution then adding F-16AJ or foreign vehicles if they dont add F-15 with Amraam capabilities.

The Gripen Radar is a place holder due to lack of info and gajin being lazy

what I would like is to restore the armor to vehicles that need it, I mean the USA, Italy, France, Israel and Japan, sorry if I missed something

F-2’s radar also lacks information when it comes to model it hundred percent accurate so it shouldnt be problem.