Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 3)

No more like 40 mis till no new nation lol

ChatGPT with banhammer /s /j

Don’t do that to me.


If subs were in I could live with no Fox 3’s this update XD

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Tbh with the atgm sight addition, it’s in a fairly good place, the 89 on the other hand suffers a lot from the atgm physics changes etc, although the gun is really nice

We have 6 other Community Managers :)


apparently there is a Mk.3D(?) with Trophy, which if added would be better imo

That Raam Segol looks kinda cool … finally Merkava Mk.3D within Israeli TT? Non-standard TT though but still … at least outside of US TT for once

Time to bully them I mean what lol


I hope they give the Warrior spall liners.

The Raal Segol really won’t make that much difference to the Mk.3D. Half of the functionality of the purple thunder system likely won’t be modeled.

Proplem is just that there is no tech tree Mk.3D.

I still have some hope we see something.

It just sucks I got to go in the middle of the stream and will have no Wifi for hours.

more smokes tho

The Mk 3D is not in the Israeli tree, so I’m not sure why you’re bringing it up like it is.

Merkava 3M




“The Merkava Mk.3 Raam Segol is an experimental version of the Israeli Army’s Merkava Mk.3 main battle tank, featuring the Raam Segol. In real life, this system automatically turns the tank’s turret in the direction of the laser and releases smoke grenades automatically. However in game, we’ll not be implementing this functionality as in many instances, it would interfere with the player’s control mid-combat. In-game, the Raam Segol will warn about the direction from where a laser is and the player will be able to launch smoke grenades or maneuver away as normal.”

True. And hopefully they at least model the missile warning part of the purple thunder APS.


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Well when one tech mods is Japanese and knows where to find the documents on Japanese vehicles. That’s kinda what happens.