Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 3)

this is where the hungarian one gets the bomb on the centre pylon but the SA one doesnt lol

also do you guys think the british M109A1 will get the L15A2 shell the Type99 has since you know its a british shell?

i can see that happening even though it shouldn’t

we’ll see in a few hours

Yes please.

R-77 is said to have a range of “up to 80 km” to me that implies it is 80 km under best conditions (high altitude supersonic launch against supersonic target).

AIM-120A can exceed 80 km at medium altitude from a subsonic launch against a supersonic target:


The addition of Hungary as a subtree to Italy has given this tree the most interesting twist.

Italy has always, ALWAYS been underdog and underwhelming in every field when it comes to Top Tier, except for a brief period of a few months in Ground where Ariete at least had above average firepower, making it an effective glass canon for that brief period of time. Ever since, it’s been simply… subpar, considered by most the worst nation to play at Top Tier.

Now, thanks to Hungary, Italy has become a nation just on par with the Big Three. Top quality aviation and, soon, the best MBT in the game.

I’d be pissed if they added the camo but denied it going to the German TT

f&f<fast missile


are you confused by that

F&F = fire and forget

He knows.

Yeah i just noticed the >

And people still complain about the UK getting SA lol

South Africa is the only good sub tree, since it is actually comprised of only South African vehicles.

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Updated with titles.


Id be interested if the HuAF MiG-29 camo with a Heja on it(currently on the German MiG-29, as a crate drop) would be available to the Hungarian fulcrum. It could be a 200 GE one.

yeah I know but looking at other subtrees now, its defiantly up there as one of the worst for competitiveness, the gripen was a very needed addition tho

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Tigershark is rank 8

I mean for top tier in ground btw