Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 3)

Guess you missed the point of what I said

Gonna love the C&P haters mob when the F-35 gets added lol


If Gaijin is feeling especially generous we could get the Novi Avion, but that’d be a bit of a fever dream :p

Canard F-16 lol

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So outside USA, Russia and France, everybody gonna have copy past. With some homemade things for some of course, but copy past too from US or Russia.

Here are the Yugo trees


Yugoslav Air Force Tech Tree
Yugoslav Ground Tech Tree (Including Bosnia, Croatia, N. Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia!)

I forgot this wasn’t just a Swiss suggestion. I just felt like it because it was mostly Swisserland.


Alpine Aviation Tech Tree

Canada (I am still working on the air tree)


Canadian Ground Forces Tech Tree


XD Cant wait…but i dont thing we will see F-35 even after 5 years

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I can’t see the F-35 coming at all, that tech wouldn’t really make for good gameplay

i’d prefer a nation that can provide, Tanks, Planes, Helicopters, Naval (Bluewater, Coastal and Submarines), Drones and new mechanics (as remotely controlled vehicles).

The BeNeLux can provide all of them, with more then 60-80% being unique.


Yeah, pretty much.

I think I heard this one before many years ago about the same planes we have in game now


( )

In the interview iirc, Bvvd said there are plans for Poland to appear ingame some way. More recently we heard that there is a plan for Germany to have something between F-4F ICE and Typhoon which would not be from the Netherlands.
Maybe there might be a connection ?


So no new nations, no more sub trees we can’t have C&P man this game is already over then good bye guys

It would basically be a smaller Rafale with similar capabilities to Gripen.
It’s no wonder that it looks that way, as the project was made with assistance of Dassault.

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Wait a second…did we sold S-92 to Yugoslavia? I wouldnt be suprised if we did. We did sold them M53/59

Oh no, i approve that not

It was trialed but lost to either F-84 or F-86, not sure which exactly atm

You are reading way too much into my comments, I literally only said that the tech that comes with the F-35 seems like taking out a lot of what makes air battles fun

No I’m not if gaijin want to listen to the players then like I’ve said the game is over

Not suprised. After all it was a post WW2 Czechoslovakia production of 262. In CZSK TT we would have 2 version as one was 2 seater that was used as a training jet…but still had guns

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