Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 3)

The Ratel 20 at 6.7 has a 20mm gun identical to the Rh202, and a MILAN launcher.

Yep, So not entirely comparible to what the Fox would be, which is the same gun as the Warrior, but without the MILANs.

Yes, however IFVs in general were being talked about, not specifically Fox counterparts.

Yes… Though im guessing the Ratel 20s 20mm gun isnt exactly the reason for using it. Im guessing its main use is as a ATGM launcher.

Pretty much, however, like the Marder A1-, that 20mm can perform some brutal track and barrel torture.

Fair enough, though it does make me want the Ferret Mk5

we could do with a better ATGM launcher than what we have currently

That’s something I’ve wanted in game for a few years, also.

You forgot the CF-116 or CF-5. Canada also used F2H-3.

Tho personally I want the CP-107



Plus there are the trainers like CT-133 and CT-144 that could come. And yes I was able to confirm the CT-155 Hawk was armed.

Also, the CP-140 looks like it be a GRB hell craft.

There is also the CL-84 “Dynavert”. An experimental VSTOL from the 60s.



There are a lot of Aircraft that are built and have variants of. I’ve said this elsewhere but I’ll say it again.

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Equally bad but hey at least the barak 2 is cool(insert wargame israel main gibberish)

What information do you want to obtain from this? He has a list of past leaks and some trash talk inside

It’s okay, I’m trying to learn a more civilzied language in the meantime.


I just lost 60 minutes of my life and it wasn’t because of a missile talk.


Yeah all in al, i’d say Canada would make for an absolutely great subtree. But where would it go?

US? Too full
UK? CF-18 alongside Eurofighters since US will have F-15/16/18 and prob other stuff at this Br.

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Would be even cooler as a TT Can + Anzac


Verba has elements of both the Igla and Igla-S and was released in 2015.


9K333 Verba |

Do you see those little little blue bulbs in front of the shelf that hangs over those road lights? Maybe those?

The turret has a different shape, I’d assume there’s more room for electronics in the turret there. The hull has a bunch of crap hanging off of what should be flat next to the driver’s hatch.

Like, I said, an independent tree is all we can hope for nowadays. The UK didn’t even get a dedicated ZA air sub-tree because it was full.

Besides the US is the worst country to put Canada in. UK would be fine but they have ZA already.

A Canadian tree would be the perfect second home for Commonwealth or at least take an Australia/ANZAC sub-tree which would be nice as they are also in need of a home

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Canada + ANZAC, now we’d be approaching standalone tree. But that would work. Can even add a RNLAF subtree because they operated from Oz under their own colours during WW2. Obviously only for a few gap fillers.
NL also operated NF-5’s, basically CF-5’s. Would be a good premium/event vehicle.

It’s hard to say, but usually on Vehicles with laser warning receivers, it’s very easy to spot them around the vehicle, but on this one it’s hard for me to be confident. Also we just don’t get a good look at the optics either, so its hard to say. I pray that the Russian devs do have access to more info than I do.

Also as for the article, it still doesn’t really help me figure out if the S iglas has an uncaged seeker or not. Currently the Iglas flight prefromance is pretty decent, with it basically being a stinger, however the main problem is that it’s seeker is caged like an early sidewinder, which makes it impossible to lead a target with the missile like you can with a stinger. I’m hoping that if we get the S Iglas, it fixed these problems.

As long as it’s sub 10.0, it’s likely going to be good enough as is. If it gets anything more than the regular Igla, the thing will be impossible for anyone to really dodge at tier without having geography to save the CAS.

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Pretty sure info about T-80UD transmission is right. It’s barely reverse faster then T-64B.
Which BR that thing gonna placed lads:
10.3 → Who gonna need it since T-80B gonna dunk it.
10.7 (if it has better armor then T-80B at least) → T-90A yeet it away.
10.0 → Kinda unfair since it’s only draw back is reverse, everything else better then T-72B.