Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 3)

idk 2x-16x??

that’s not a lot btw, with 1.9° Angular FoV @ 16x magnification you’ll have a hard time spotting tanks at large distances

yea even su25t has 6.1x-23x

balanced jet!

>gets thermals
>loses mag

Only as close as it 's been since the JA 37D was added, since it has ECM-only pods aswell:

Though that 's not to say electronic warfare is far away necessarily, it might be added as part of the Air mode reworks which introduce those static surface-to-air missile sites ( ex. War-Thunder-Datamine/aces.vromfs.bin_u/gamedata/weapons/rocketguns/s75m_missile_v760.blkx at master · gszabi99/War-Thunder-Datamine · GitHub ) along w/ the anti-radiation missiles. Could be this update.


excited what this update brings either way


I belive Sweden will recieve the
Pansarvärnspjästerrängbil 9031 (Pvpjtgb 9031)


I belive this is due to the following reasons:

  1. Its model isnt all that complicated to create and there is a lot of pictures of it.

  2. Funny speedy car that will be as popular or more than the U-sh 405, since this thing is faster.

  3. Its a trolly vehicle with high mobility with a smaller profile than the Italian T20s

  4. No armour is best armour!

  5. There was a total of 366 of these cars made. So this isn’t a prototype


Since the Gripens got fantasy Skyflashes and the next update likely isn’t bringing AMRAAMs, wouldn’t it be a great time to bring in a Sea Harrier FA2 with Skyflashes instead of AMRAAMs?

Also, if the Alpha Jet ends up actually coming, there will better be a BAe Hawk, Kawasaki T-4, Aermacchi S.211 etc soon

We need more of those funny cars

also, I love that the pic makes it look like the gunner is carrying the recoilless rifle on his shoulder

downsides: Dies when you look at it

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hold on.


See with that their is alot of evidence that i cant use skyflashes

unlike the Gripen which mock skyflash Infront of it

wait til I run it over with the Char 2C

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Dont tell the others this but he actualy wields the power of the old Nordic Gods

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The other issue with sub-trees is that they’d distract from the original tree. We already complain that certain trees get neglected and Gaijin can only add so much one update. Adding sub-trees mean, not every tree will get something.

For example, say we do get Thailand sub-tree in Japan. We could go multiple updates never getting a domestic Japanese vehicle in lei of Thai vehicles. While sub-trees fill some gaps, I do think it would suck to feel like your main tree gets neglected for sub-tree additions.


Well, the thing with the Gripen Skyflashes is, that could only have worked with the A, not the C

I wonder when the Type 81c will get the ARH missile. It’s already modeled visually, and we already have ARH mechanics coded in.

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I had a lot of fun in wargame with that. This is some serious fun shit.

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Yeah gajins logic not mine

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Need more funny Cars/Jeeps and other funny vehicles.

Some examples.





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I mean, japan probably isn’t the best example there, with how comparatively few vehicles are left to be added to their trees

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