Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 3)

2 year’s ago I found on Reddit a picture of the war thunder hangar with a RAM 1 and next to Israel you can see the Canadian tree, everyone told it was fake but I hope it’s true

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its still the same airframe was my point

That is a funny way to put it

Ohh sounds interesting do you still have the photo ?

Or is that long gone by now

Airframes don’t mean anything otherwise Challenger 2 and Black Night are copy-paste just cause it’s the “same” turret and hull.

I have it but I don’t want to be in trouble if this picture is real ^^’

I have nothing to do so will share this

You could send it to my DM’s m8

Argument can be made that the Av-8B+ is a C&P variant of the Gr7

It’s still on Reddit

So there is a 90% chance that there will be no fox 3’s soo. i think that this will be a filler update with not so revolutionary mechanics/weapons

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What would the name of the post be ?

The black night is just an addon everything is the same other then iron fist

But we know which one is better

Funny you say that since it was Americans which made the first AV-8B
So technically… GR.7 is a copy paste of AV-8B

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Uhhh I think it got deleted…


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Don’t worry I sent you a message privately m8

Not really… It was 50/50 development between US and UK. But considering its based upon the British made harrier 1 and still uses Roll-royce pegasus engines. Id say its more british than american

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who made the harrier and the all the engines

The only American part is on the AV8B+ which is the radar

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Wasn’t AV-8B initiated by US?
While yes, I would consider 1st gens as such. 2nd gen was spearheaded by US, primarily to increase the payload with new composite wing. (Wing was primarily MDD design)

That is a question with not as straightforward answer.
1st gens - Hawker Siddeley and license production by MDD
2nd gens- Design by MDD with BAe assistance and ultimately British production (GR.5/7/9)

Engines? I’d say both RR and P&W (latter for 2nd gen Harriers)

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