Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 3)

Tor M2 definitely isnt needed. For the next few updates russia and china are the only nations that dont need more spaa at 11.0+

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Here ya go smin, I wrote devblog for you to release



i wouldnt call the torm1 good

all the missles outspeed the torm1 missle, so by the time your missle hits - the enemy is already dead.

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I won’t have this discussion here.

Still a better option than many others for air defense, i do believe the wheeled version would be a nice replacement as its a unique addition to china but for the time balance on spaa and CAS at top tier should be a main focus.

Not sure
I mean, have a read yourself

Team size reduction is being looked at so…

The CM team saw your feedback surrounding air battles and the number of players in them and spoke to the devs about this to see if something could be done. The devs are planning something for this, I can’t write the specifics or give a timeline, but it’s being looked into as of now.

They are fake for Christ shakes

So…im doing a BP and i read this task and i dont know if i dont understand it…have a stroke…or Gaijin need to work on their wording. Does that mean that 1000kg bombs count for 2/3 of that BP sub tasks? With the 130kg to 1000kg and then no less then 1000kg.

nah, you have to make 3 kills with each group

  1. 3 kills with bombs smaller than 130kg
  2. 3 kills with bombs between 130kg and 1000kg
  3. 3 kills with bombs with atleast 1000kg
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I know, but into what group the 1000kg bomb falls under? Into 130kg to 1000kg or into no less then 1000kg

try it out lul
is there even a bomb which weighst exactly 1000kg?

some planes have 1000kg bombs (ussr with the Fab-1000) Problem is i dont have it reseached yet

and they weight 1080kg, so they count for group 3

How would 1000kg bomb weight 1080kg?


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War Thunder 23.05.2024 21_43_59 Uhr


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time to do the 300IQ move for the task lul

Just like in pharmacy. Doiche qualitant

if it has a third itd have a range of 3km genius