Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 2)
its shown their


@Mytho61734 yeah seems to be the mexas u guys right

Look to be the C2 MEXAS.

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I have hope that with dynamic BR’s it could find a home somewhere around 10.0ish. Yes, I know, KAB-1500L’s sound bad, but with the TRAM already up there, and a few other GBU-8 slingers, if played properly (i.e. no pods, just like all USSR CAS has to, so far), it’s really just more of the same.

Not sure what the M2 has, but I doubt it’s a thermal channel on the camera, so I won’t hope for anything there either.

The other thing is, giving these things simply would meant that gaijin has even more excuses to delay the Hungarian air tree. Why does it have to be inferior to everyone else just like the ground and naval? Why not the JAS39C HU?

the thing is TRAM shouldn’t be as low as 10.0 in GRB


Ok, It doesn’t look like at an PC loading screen that they reused or well I can’t find one.

So I have no idea why they’d used the C2 MEXAS as it’s not in mobile right?

The other option is that it’s a screenshot form the competitions that happen monthly.

The techtree icon is there, but the vehicle itself is not. War-Thunder-Mobile-Datamine/atlases.vromfs.bin_u/units/germ_leopard_c2_mexas.png at master · gszabi99/War-Thunder-Mobile-Datamine · GitHub

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Agreed. When the TRAM moves, the Su-24M rumored to come next patch should move.

will there be a python 4 update for barak 2?

who knows

I dont think that they would need to move the su24m as it would be around the same br or higher than the mig 27k at air rb. Especially if it gets the r73 then it would be pretty much make it a 12,0 or 12.3 aircraft

as long as it doesn’t go to Sweden im fine.

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Hope so. Its FM isnt the best.

hello guys i present you atleast 4 variants of the bmp3 that can be added to wt




The most interesting here is the sosna, other turrets doesnt seem that appealing, although the kinzhal turret has additional atakas, i cant see the 2s38 not able to do most of its jobs

there are more but those one’s are already interesting

We’ll see. Su-24M isn’t winning any dogfights easily, and it isn’t getting any Fox-3’s. I can tell you from the Su-39, if you don’t get the drop enough to at least get a lock, you’re usually done. There’s no gimballing or slaving, not without radar which thank God has ACM, and you don’t get the Kopyo pod on the 25T.

When dynamic BR’s come out, I don’t think the 24M will be at 12.0 or 12.3, not for ground RB games. Probably somewhere around 10.7-11.3 depending on how they implement it.

and i present 4 variants of the boxer that could be added to war thunder