Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 2)

I have I’ve been to Cosford (Again) mahahah

EAP tease



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Weird creature


Dat face when a challenger LFP eats two 3BM60 and sends your turret flying instead of theirs:


im still trapped in mexico (get me out of here)

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So what’re the odds we see aim120 in spring patch? If we do that basically confirms f4f ice and I need that plane.

More odds than Italy getting something 12.3+

If they add aim120 I could see the f16adf going up.

Given that gaijin wants to make Italy bad in every front, not very likely.

EAP my beloved. How I lost you.


Italia AV-8B+ received AIM-120B AMRAAM from gajin with expand to 12.3 BR

And F-16A Block 15 ADF (ITA) could get AIM-9L/i & AIM-120B and up to 12.7 the same time

I’m not sure that gajin give AIM-9M & AIM-120A on USAF F-16A Block 15 ADF with up to 12.7BR this quarter ?

The Italian ADFs comes with amraams on the go. They would work but I dont think gaijin will ever give amraams to this airframe. Too good.

I doubt they’ll change the us one. But the Chinese mlu and Italian adf I could see getting aim120 even if they don’t get aim9m.

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Well Italy can get a C variant block 50

I rather have that with AMRAAMS and let the A without

Wait no that the Greek one 🤣

In the future, the game will regularly receive new content – both familiar to those who play War Thunder on PC and consoles, and appearing in War Thunder Mobile first. Both projects have been developed independently of each other, but the teams behind the games share their experience with colleagues, expand the War Thunder universe together and provide military vehicle fans all they need to fight online anytime and anywhere.

( War Thunder Mobile officially launched worldwide - Gaijin Entertainment )

And there 's been more than a few occasions already showing that the vehicle models, atleast, are inter-operable between the games. Tirpitz and Stalingrad BC showing up in the leak here before being added to Mobile, the carriers Lexington and Illustrious being in WTM 's files ahead of coming here. Plus Bvvd 's direct statement in the interview that Yamato is planned for both games, but would appear in WT Mobile first.

If it does, atleast we’ll have something specific to expect for when their fleet is added here.

Before they moved on, TZZV had said there was evidence of Swedish submarines being prepared.

It 's always possible we’ll get some NF missiles( we have the evidence to say that they’re in the works ), but never easy to say when they’ll show up. Well, we’ll see.

Though they might hit a capability wall if they keep modelling missiles the way they’ve been doing, w/ the salvo firing and off-cap reloads they’re not too different from VLS the way they already are now w/ just fixed launch boxes and ( soon ) twin arm 's. Plus the warhead weights being a little overtuned( though not too much differently from how shell performance is represented there ):

A 192 SAM salvo on a quarter-minute reload might be a little overbearing, is what I mean to say:

Though WT 's more accurate representation of onboard ammunition quantities and availability paints a different picture of the likely capabilities for missile ships here in comparison to Mobile.

And gajin give AIM-120B on AV-8B+ from ITA navy like F-16A Block 15 ADF this year ?

In the future F-16A Block 15 ADF (ITA) would be the best fighter aircraft 12.7 BR for Italy tech tree after received AIM-9L/i & AIM-120B/AIM-

For F-16A Block 20 MLU (ROCAF) AIM-9M or AIM-9M-9 replacement AIM-9L and received ARH MRAAM AIM-120C-4 or AIM-120C-5

Found this in the bg of WT Mobile 's official website:

what tank is that? canada flag but its not a leoaprd is it?

It 's the MEXAS I think.