Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 2)

He said he will play Britain if no dev blog

Smin says you best put the kettle on
If you use reading comprehension you can infer smin is sayin you better start playing Britain
As their won’t be blog today

This is true.

However all plans are subject to change, it’s possible we get devblogs early and not necessarily that they are late.


Gszabi is making a solid bet for something this month.



Gaijin: “The announcement dates for the new update are different, not like last year


huh, neat. Maybe this means we are getting actualy stuff that went trough a layer of quality control?

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This means that the company has screwed up the timeline with eternal marathons, which is fraught with losses that depreciation funds will not cover

Pack up your bags boys, devblogs drop in march. The update will probably come in April.


100 vehicles every month please I’m begging please


only if it is a Chinese copy


It could not, since the mounts for them were there from the start. You wouldn’t say a missile pylon can’t mount a missile just because it was only ever used for it a few years later. The fundamental difference to the F-15A is that that had to be refitted with countermeasure mounts, while the XF-2s always had the mounts.


F-15A in the Nationaal Militair Museum, Netherlands. There are no mounts for countermeasures present.

XF-2A, with the countermeasure mounts covered, but still visibly present. There are an additional two on the right side of the vertical stabilizer as well, but I don’t have a good image on my phone right now.
This was also the first of the four XF-2 airframes to be completed, so there is no point in theorizing about earlier airframes not having them.

Right, it doesn’t. However the aircraft called F-16AJ in game differs quite a bit from the YF-16, as well as the drawings of the actual F-16AJ based on said prototype. Gaijin has openly stated they based it off of a regular F-16A instead as to be in line with other export F-16s.

By doing so they have taken an aircraft that was rejected for not fulfilling the necessary capabilities Japan wanted, and reduced its capabilities further.
So now we have an “F-16AJ” that does not have the capabilities or appearance that made the aircraft the AJ in the first place.

Keep in mind an F-16J (Basic F-16A) was already denied by the time the AJ was offered. The proposal was a last ditch effort to make the F-16 appealing over the F-14 and F-15. It makes no sense to degrade it back in capabilities this much.

Maybe, but I’d still prefer even paper over Gaijin made "What-if"s that don’t seem to make sense historically. Wether the aircraft is listed or not doesn’t matter, I’d still prefer it as accurate as it can be to the source material.





[Development] Testing out the Severe Damage mechanic - News - War Thunder

dovbleg season is coming

I think the severe damage mechanic isn’t related to the next major update.
Edit: not sure.

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what did i tell you huh

“no dev”

Hmm 🤔

I pray for double blog today




It not for next update