Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 2)

You need to appreciate the brilliance of french vehicles.
It is an art to survive until 9.3 without a stibilizer.
It encourages skill issues to appear within a 6 meter radius of any GB main that wants to test out an AMX 30 Brennus.

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Well yes but I still want it. If Gaijin were to bring the leclercs back to glory, the french could finally laugh about britian, abandoning their good reload in the challenger 3

It’s a miracle that France got the Mirage 4000. I’m not expecting anything straight up good for France for at least half a year.

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Naw, the Mirage 4k was a favourite just like the VTOL Mirage

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France will get something interensting eventually.
Like an ELC Even… One day

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Key word being “eventually”.

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trust me. One day Gaijin will hit a bullseye with some random vehicle for France.
Maybe a Duncerque, a funny Mirage, a Leclerc with a 140mm.
There is still a lot that could come in, just like the ELC bis wich was a meme vehicle that I thought would never get into the game.


just like the eurofihgter ;)

It barely happens at all. Before the Mirage 4000, it was the Mirage 2000C-S5 in Drone age, whereas the big three (especially Russia) get a few every year at least.
Also, I know damn well how much France can get. France, in fact, especially for ground, can be just as large as the big three.

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Probably a Mirage IMO.
The Ground Devs seem to HATE France for some reason. At least the Air Devs are doing a good job with France.

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dovbleg when

There will be some next year, I can tell you that much.




smin didnt deny anything


Is the Shamsher from the 1990 production, or is it from the initial production?

Hmm, wasn’t the F-20 leak deemed plausible by someone here that knew something the rest didn’t?

Some people seemed to think it’ll come as event vehicle instead.
But that seems implausible because next air event is like 2 months away.

So premium then? Wouldn’t it be able to carry AMRAAMS? Seems a bit steep for a premium.
Or would it be added with Sparrows only?

I’m all for a premium with AMRAAMS if they are nerfed out earlier models. In december 2022 we got premiums 0.7br lower than max br. Now that would be Br 12.0

thats not a denial

and i dont get the reference, seems like lyrics to a song

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