Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 2)

From English to Russian
Premium bonuses = премиум бонусы or премиумные бонусы

My wife and I had this same discussion recently. She pointed out that on the 7th day the Christians call it a rest day because god was tired building days.

Now I’m not Christian (or anything else) but for Christian countries it makes sense to look at the culture behind it.

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I mean between 1700 and to the last century Britain was a very Christian country which make sense why we class Sunday as the last day of the week.

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It’s missing some key thaings that I expect so no, it’s. Ost likely fake, not even that good tbh

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Also fake

Out of all the premium ideas for Russia. They give it a T80UE-1. Not iconic at all. If the leak list is real. Then they missed out on a good premium. Should’ve been the T72B2

What would be the major differences between an ah1w and ah1z? or would it just be there to make the grind longer?

Like what?

8 vs 16 hellfires and the way sidewinders are mounted afaik


oh yea it really looks convincing

whats Китай? china?

edit: Oop didn’t see Deathmisser posted a translated version

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or simply incomplete


Glad to see the ZBD in a list

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not the first list either, it’s been in multiple this major, including one from the Chinese leaker that made oddly good leaks the last few Majors

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It’s more a half step between the AH-1F & -1Z, more so than does anything better than the AH-1Z.

Technically the only interesting things would be;
acess to 20mm Mark 149 mod 0 APDS
GPU-2/A 20mm gunpod (M197 20mm cannon)
TOW-2B / AGM-114
Sidewinder / ATAS / Sidearm (AGM-122)
Mk 77 Firebomb

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I’d personally love to see the T-80UD Bereza, nothing super special, just a T-80U with a diesel instead of a gas turbine. Doesn’t have to be anything top tier.


Do you have them? I can’t find any recent ones

Doesn’t it get zunis?

Well that rumour came from the mods passing the leo 2 sg, but one of the revolution kits just makes the most sense to implement as 11.3 premium. But it would be strong yes

I see something that definitely makes me lean towards fake, so no, not incomplete

It can mount mavericks???