Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 2)

its not to far fetched xD, we got confirmation hungary ordered a special KF51 evo. 120mm autoloader on büffel chassis.

The KF51 we all saw with 130mm cannon those is purely german and not in service of any country.

And their is either polish K2 or the turkish altay that could be possible /j

AS565 panthers btw, French helicopters, not sure about boats or planes

Israel could be a whole nation starting at tier 1. it’s just Gaijin being either lazy or uh nvm

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i have no idea what that corresponds to

They already exist in the Chinese TT as domestically improved Z-9 versions



again, i have no idea why you are naming helicopters to me

It is called the panther as well :/

ahhhh, no i only meaned tanks


i was standing on the hoes their for a moment


One day. It will return. (It would be nice if it was this year)


well the devs said they are working on it, but that can mean whatever

8 MBT (not counting the premium and squadron ones), what does britain lack? .___.
Still germany and britain has a lot more than Israel or japan…

britain lacks a modern ifv and domestic light armour

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Scorpion, Scimitar, Desert Warrior and Warrior CSP should’ve been added a long time ago, lol


don’t forget the saladin, sabre and fox

But Germany has enough tanks which could fill that gap aswell. Early bundeswehr and east germany are
underrepresented in the german tree and a pt76b or a spähpanzer kurz would give both more attention

Israel lacks light vehicle, aaa, modern atgm, the spikes…

those mostly are realy high rank tier 3s or even tier 4s, the luchs as example wouldnt even be rank 3 because the cannon stays the standard rank 1 cannon and cant penetrate anything

yea, well Gaijin’s neither interested in low tier Brit light stuff or top tier light stuff.
Gaijin being gaijin might even add the Ajax before all these to appease the top tier simps … just watch.
That might become the funniest parallel to see

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