Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 2)

So clearly a gripen is coming and not an F18

im calm like a turtle, but if anyone wants to argue about BS im up all night

Sir yes sir!!!

Yep, though I do reckon they’ll get an F18 consider Sweden only has

Gripen A (Early)?
Gripen C
Gripen NG (maybe)
Gripen E
Gripen B or D?


B & D are Dual seat trainers. C, NG & E are all thats left in terms of Gripens but both NG and E are very far away.

Yeah well its hard to say what will come even in the next update. However I feel confident enough to say that indeed there will be an AMRAAM meta with F15Cs and maybe SU35s? or just SU27U? im not that into russian stuff

Has gaijin announced any new mechanic for the upcoming update?

fuel slider would be one

There are plenty of 4th gens left to add

Please stop *attempting to troll

maybe F15E? but still in december we are gonna have F35s flying around at this pace or maybe they will take a pause from adding new stuff at all

Unless it’s Germany, of course, with its Scharnhorst and its TWO Bayerns.

Germany will probably get a Bismarck before the U.S gets a Colorado.

You ok???


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If F15C comes in march, then F15E in summer, where are the so many new jets everyone is pointing towards? I beg to be enlightened!!

I think I got the Hungarian Gripen info wrong as I can’t find it anymore

You realize there is more then one version of a single plane right?

youre out of your mind

So lets say, F15C and SU27U come next update. They have at hand AIM120C and R77 (maybe R77-1). Ok everything alright till now?

Summer update: F15E, maybe maybe F18 super hornet, and SU35 maybe? or even a newer SU27 if it even exists

Lets talk in russian and american jets for simplicity so we can have a conversion ok buds?