Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 2)

Well no, the two previously laid down Lion class ships were to be “the first”.

The Vanguard is a modified Lion class specifically made to be built quickly by using existing armaments.

So while derived from Lion, its not a Lion.

Now wether “Vanguard” the name was intended for one of those Lion class ships is a matter of naming.

If one is asking for Vanguard as “originally designed”, it would be the 15 inch armed ship we allready know, but with less design changes due to lessons learned during the war.

A “16 inch armed Vanguard” Is just asking for the Lion class.

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Then yes, I want a lion class and the vanguard :)

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While it sure shares some, stabilisers are different, so there’s probably no chance of that.

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There’s more differences between the 2B and the one we have than that, the big thing is Pavespike and LGBs, 9Ls, and possibly Martel TV which while called a anti shipping missile, is basically just a fat wireless AS.11. There’s also a chance of getting 2xAS-30Ls if Gaijin are feeling nice and want to give us the SAAF loadouts


With a TV camera in the nose which the plane uses to guide into the target from well beyond SAM protections.

I x to doubt it ever really being added, but it would deffo be a funi addition, when playing alone hard to use on certain maps as you have to hope a target exists to find, as a teamwork plane, I expect extreme lethality as a ground spotter guides it in.

HAS.1s were capable of firing AS.11. Several were fitted with the weapon platform in the HAS.1’s Commando transport role, but it was also tested on at least one normal HAS.1

But true, the HAS.1 was soon supplanted by the more powerful HU.5 in the Commando role where it served for many years and enhanced with AS.12 and stabilised sights.

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This one is a relative of Burke. She goes to America :^)

Yeah, thats why i think it would be problematic to add it.

However, they could just add it as the TV seeker that is present on the current weaponry.

Honestly? Just model it like the PGMs or something and make it a fat TV guided missile

RU stream up yet?

Is there supposed to be one?

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swear i saw a video with a timer that disappeared now that i have looked.

They havent even done a second devblog yet lol, Dev stream is a fair bit off yet.

teaser maybe?

next Friday (1st March) at the absolute soonest

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2/29th is a day we need to look for apparently and the 12th of next month

New news


No idea anymore, if that was a lot, and if their is hungary air, you already got a quarter of that alone

That is a relief, because the list we had so far is depressing as all hell for high tier ground players.

So far we only know 25 vehicles about(assuming duplicates for other nations like the AH-1W or Alpha jet)

Also ofc fully trusting the leak list from China guy

Make that 26 for me personally cus I know one vehicle that’s not listed