Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 2)

That gap is tiny compared to what is happening in naval currently.

Scharnhorst could easily be 8.0+. As far as a I am aware. No 7.0 BB can actually go toe to toe with the Scharnhorst. Adding one of the largest BBs ever built. Without even adding something half decent to other nations would officially kill Naval. It would be beyond stupid.

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at least now the newbies can be a bit more useful for the team

If they add the Vextra as a premium I won’t play for a while
First the vbci , now the Vextra ?

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The thing is, the Leclerc EAU is better than the S1, so it’s DEFINITELY not going to be 11.3

what is this? a leaklist for ants?!


Stuffed with vehicles that could be added for Britain

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I see no reason this can’t happen anyway.

Adding a 8.0+ BB on its own? It would only ever see itself

It would not kill Naval.

It would make more player play Germany, and bring more money. x)))

yeah ik. personally I expect Ares to be premium

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It would become Germany vs Germany every match. I know Id never touch Hood or Renown again

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Remind me what’s the BR of Scharnhorst?

I don’t know much about real naval stuff but even if we say Tirpitz is busted and unsuitable for current ships. Slap it to 7.3 and drag up a few of the top ships from other nations. Happens in ARB/GRB regularly.

At least it’s the less know variant of VBCI than we have as premium.

We are open to a lower VBCI and 2 more powerfull VBCI 2 in the TT, if they want to work on that…

But yea their politic is disgusting. The earliest stab tank for France was a premium for a long time. Now the later light vehicle is also a premium.

They really want the money more than a cool and attractive TT.

Like it’s almost US vs US on top air, they don’t care about parity as long the biggest users are happy.


Despite JAS39 flying around completely ruining the BR. Which was already ruined by F-16 flying around. Which was-

bla bla bla until we go back to the launch of the game.

It’s a pretty consistent behaviour from Gaijin to have some phobia about BR increases.

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Yeah i dont see Tirpitz coming but if the leak is true its also possible…with thing’s like Mutsu and its 410mm guns…we could also see other 16inch BBs to counter Tirpitz…maybe…

I wonder what ship Chinese guy leaked…


Scharnhorst should probably already be 7.7-8.0 already. Seriously. There is no equal on any nation. There is no BB on any other nation currently that can be moved up. Tirpitz has equal calibre to the Hood and virtually the same armour as the Scharnhorst. It would dominate every. Single. match. Like the Scharnhorst does.

We’d need ships like HMD Rodney with 16 inch guns just to stand a hope in countering it. Maybe even post WW2 stuff like HMS Vanguard or even later.


Can you reduce the image and spoil it, please? It takes up way too much space. /s


I think they need to do a round of 7.0-7.3 BBs first. Maybe even adding stuff like the KGV for example.

and then we could see a round of heavy BBs like Tirpitz, Bismark, Yamato. Etc

But if I see Scharnhorst currently. Its basically GG. That game is lost unless our entire team focus fire it down. Its kinda insane