Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 2)

Servers down for anyone else? Only have sim battles as an option to play


It is a Harrier just the Sea Harrier FA2 which isn’t in game


yeah its down for every one

Gotcha, tyty

In fact I click to war thunder from steam now but wait gaijin fix

I hope they add more time for the event, some of us only have time to play at this hour…

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@gromvoiny how stacked should our wallets be for this next upcoming update?


Oh no, my bad

Sorry ; (

Three days:

( [Coming Soon] A missile cruiser for Admirals! - War Thunder Mobile - Online Military Action Game - Play for Free )


I screwed up the image embed. Embarrassing !

Whoa they are way ahead in naval


Nah give it to israel the Namer, or the VN20 for China. Russia can take an L and not get an IFV for other nations that lack em get em…

Exocet to Harpoon and SM-ER in one update, wow

Hasnt it been stated that WT mobile development and WT development are seperate?

Or was that just Enlisted

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Now it is probable that Chinese naval gets to mobile before it gets to PC. :/
I mean without missiles, Chinese naval stops at 5.3.

I hope we get more missile stuff for PC in the next update as well.

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Could happen, but usually Russia/USA always get the first “new feature” in-game.

IRST for IFVs (BMP-2M, 2S38 and M3A3)
High caliber guns (Obj. 120 and Obj. 292)
IRCM/DIRCM for aircrafts (SU-39, KA-52, Mi-28NM)
or MAW for aircrafts (F-111)

Damn I want that thing called the garibaldi, you know, with polaris

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yes the various cold war missile cruiser refits would all be welcome.

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