Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 2)

I could tell the story about the US plans to stop our EF project so we had to by there aircraft.
Or even worse a Rafale D:

Was meant for the F35 and was better but congress stopped funding

RAF Sabers to TT.

CAC Saber Squadron

RCAF Mk 5/6 premium.

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we have no prove it was the US

Really ?

Yep, absolutely nothing stopping britian from getting RAF Sabres. (Mk2 and/or Mk4)

Now I think id prefer the Gnat and/or the Australian CA-27 Sabre Mk.32 just because its a tad more unique. But I wouldnt say no a F-86. Especially after their latest buff

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it just a guess on why it was done but only a guess

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How about a RAAF Mirage 3 with British guns and engines : P

Would be fun too. Though more likely to see South African Mirage

I can tell the story of how the US successfully stopped the German domestic Stealth fighter projects from the late 80s and 90s

only one one of the 2 is Declassified, the details of the other remain unknown

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never heard of it

called MBB (Messerschmitt Bölkow Blöhm) „Lampirdae“

it applied the stealth design aspects of the F117 on another level, there were 3 Prototypes, 2 scale models and a full sized model each lf which did wind tunnel and RCS tests, the Project was going along so well that the german MoD invited USAF generals to show them the project, it was cancelled shortly after for political reasons

a few years later a new project was started using the Research from the Lampirdae, it too was cancelled in Parliament a few years after being started, however the details of this project remain fully Classified and Unknown to the public


The RAF should be TT oh an ZA used a Canadair Saber as well.

With the Aussie Saber making a good SQV or premium.

And what ever one the Aussie isn’t and RCAF representing Saber should be that. (Canadian flag and skin)

Rule 1, never let the US see your new shiny toy
Rule 2. Only keep it to yourself until it’s get’s publicly revealed

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Yep, that would be a good way to split it and no harm in some good skins

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The US loves meddling and stopping allied stuff.

Like the time they stopped Canada from getting Nuclear Submarines.


the US kinda still had political power over Germany in the 80s

remember, we were occupied until 1991


France in 1991:


200w (3)


Doesn’t Germany still have plenty of US bases on its territory?

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A lot of Europe does.

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