Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 1)

the G in Mirage G stands for GOAT
because it simply is tha GOAT


I expect another air focussed update in June. Hopefully we’ll finally see some naval and ground focussed updates after that.

Did you hear about the Polish sound technician? Well, there was a Czech one, too.

What do you mean ?

I hear Thai noises more


Weirdly, those Thai are speaking American English, Spanish and Ukrainian, among others. ))))


Level higher battleships maybe? Littorio, Bismark, Richelieu and others. Or better just overall rework of naval battles ;)

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I think I know what your trying to say :)

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I wouldnt call it air centered. Air superiority was not air focused or at least as significant as they are in APEX predators, and there are a lot of plane but mostly copy and pastes.
Still, I would like some revision to naval combat, there are a lot of problems that we discussed previously.


Such a shame that the Swedish King Tiger isnt added, maybe next time. For more chaos add it into the TT straight so everyone can get it.


I just remembered, new skin box in a day or so probably. One of the fun parts of the update.

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How much i would love that, but yeah…

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Challenger 3TD still has the outdated Challenger 2 turret copy-paste model…

Challenger 2/3’s hull side armor is now even thinner (now it’s 20mm when it’s proven to be 50mm) when at least it used to be 48-50mm thick…

Challenger 2’s mantlet is still somehow the same effectiveness despite being even visually twice as thick as before.

Spall liners weren’t added to the lower front plate even though they were acknowledged during the Dev Server.

I don’t know what I was expecting in regards to the Challengers, but… certainly not this xD


Yeah, but i dont think they’ll (ever) do something about that. Just throwing bigger BBs and eventually Subs at us to work with. I doubt that there is any player who would be against a Revision of Naval

new mantlet can’t even stop 3bm60 at any place, such a shame

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All of these are in Enlisted, so it makes sense that they’re being visually improved now that that game has controllable turrets

We might see more aircraft gunner positions improved along these lines while the mechanic is expanded there.


I would look forward to missile armed ship over battleships, but big 7 is also a way to bring hype. Man i just really want to play Chinese naval.

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its such a blatantly rushed out patch that theyve literally not even updated the visual model of the CR3 properly lol, nevermind the damage models for the challenger 2s new armour remodel, or the M1A2 SEPs ERA.

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In fact, now Challenger 3 TD’s DAMAGE model is the same as the old Challenger 2s…

It used to be just the X-Ray vision; now it’s the actual damage model too. Watch:

Challenger 3 TD’s cheeks are 60mm weaker than the new Challenger 2’s because it has their old model for whatever reason now…

Even though you can see they are significantly more angled in 3TD, which was correct prior to this update (used to be 780mm KE, now it’s 710).

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Also, Leclerc AZUR’s armor is still a mess.

I thought they were working on Leclerc’s armor on the Dev Server, but turns out it was just… whatever this is, xD.

Also Leclerc’s UFP is still underperforming by nearly 50% even according to the very ingame model.

And the apparent Merkava armor rework? False alarm, too. They still can be lolpenned by 3BM42, even on the cheeks.