Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 1)

im not surprised, i was asking shay, not him

I read the post. Remembered stun meta from Overwatch 1. And voted no.

  1. Because its just frustrating and unfun.
  2. Its not inline with the gameplay RB tries to offer.

And I replied because you give off the impression that you think everybody who disagrees with you on stuns being good hasn’t read the article.


the only “bad” thing i see here is the multipathing (also ground needs to be safe cause we have too many plain field maps. If only the sky mazes of low tiers could appear at top tier, one has to dream)

Crying for tutorials and spall liners? werent we mad because top tier was too codlike and new players couldnt have tutorials to learn?

i dont think stun is a bad mechanic per se, think a 155mm that does not pen. stun based on direct hits on crew its a bit strange, i would treat it more like overpressure. anything under 60mm does near to nothing, 75 to 88 rarely, 90 to 125 (non apfsds) yeah, 125 to 155 onward when direct hit on crew compartment always

(yeah i simp for big guns 155mm and over, gimme my arty with deep and sexy sound effects)


Well if you don’t want people replying to you go to DMs.

This is a public forums people can reply to you when and how.


Was just about to say pretty much the same thing…

And guys… this is not a feedback topic… make sure Feedback is left here, otherwise it will be missed and will not be passed on from here…

And as for Personal disputes or Personal questions, then take it to PM if you dont want others to question or answer… Thanks!


Perhaps I should be a mod then :P

But in all seriousness I do hate these type of comments.

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[Development] Battle Pass Vehicles: USS Flagstaff - News - War Thunder yeay wee got booth config’s



@gszabi99 well there she is ☺️

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Time to bring the kugelblitz to 6.7. it has only 1 hvap round per 3 rounds fired. the USSR has an AA with full hvap and 90+mm of pen at 10m. the italians have a literal leopard, uptiers constantly mean getting crushed by zsu-57-2s and the zerstorer is just plain bad. Germany needs a normal 6.7 aa. or add the coelian. also since 6.7 is almost a constant uptier you might as well add the tiger 2 10.5 again. T32E1 are not even able to be killed, not to start about is4s etc.

Sweden will be getting a Tiger II P, it seems.

Not the tastiest crayon in the pencil case.


Cool boat blog, i am now leaker



It begins!

Pretty much confirms the other two vehicles will be the Chinese P-51C and Swedish Tiger 2 (P)

Oh good
Another P-51C BP reward
Third time actually. First it was F-6C, then Swedish David and now this one


What more funnier is that this aircraft not only is the C&P one from the Japanese tree but also the same one what was captured in the war irl.

Actually, scratch what I said
I should do some research

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Am i right?

It is nice to see the vehicle in both of it’s configurations, hopefully they do these to more vehicles we have in game.

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The Chinese P-51C that may or not be real would be nice, its historically one of the first P-51s that the ROCAF flew (along with the P-51B, which i have a suggestion pending for) until the D, and K variants were also bought.