Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 1)

So the April Fools Event is decent, I’m enjoying it, though it does stand to be pretty grind heavy, but I’m REALLY hoping we get a vehicle event too, otherwise the AF event loses alot of it’s luster

The moment DMM gets either of those aircraft is the moment I link my account to DMM


Same for me XDDD

I would kill for the Shinden II >_>


Planes not so much.

But I could see the Tank and Boat. as they have a real counterpart.

And maybe the KC stuff if they still did crafting events.

Them being respectful to their forum users?

It really is april fool’s.

Actually thinking about it. I’m 90% sure there is a real counterpart to the Orbital 380mm HE barrage

That might be possible. It might not be that big tho.

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Maybe on ground battle maps thats close to deep sea, the player can call in battleship-caliber shelling. Might be cool but still pointless.

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I just wish it was the nosferatu with my ADMM lol

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If we talk realistic additions, I can see only the F-2 Super Kai happening. It’s pretty much comparable to an F-16AJ and if at some point in the (very far) future Gaijin runs out of possible additions I feel like similar vehicles might become more commonplace. Though considering F-16AJ reception and the high amount of actually built aircraft available I’d say that we won’t see that in this next decade even.
And even then there is still no guarantee that Gaijin won’t just let the game die and move on.

As for events I’d say everything is possible at just about any given moment.

the boat is already in game right? also its actually not to far out of the question as awhile ago we actually got an event camo of Musashi from the same anime in world of warships and we actually got some premium ships of the destroyers

Doesn’t look like WT has any of said class in-game yet.

But indeed. I was thinking both the Tank and the Boat have a real counterpart they could just C&P after making some visual changes.

huh I thought the Harekaze was an imperial japanese destroyer its not its actually a JMSDF ship learn something new everyday huh

And that’s the doomed ship Yukikaze; the very ship that sent more than thousands of IJN, ROCN/PLAN straight to Blahaj’s mouth(NOPE) Davy’s chest (yep)

Despite how famous(if you are an IJN sailor, rather infamous) she is during the war, I still felt that the yukikaze would be a lot more significant in the Chinese naval TT as danyang.

Oh, the day that Chiang Kai Shek ordered the danyang to be scraped, he suffered a serious car accident and didnt recover until he died.

were not talking about the IJN Yukikaze were talking about the JMSDF one that was built in 1956, also ngl I think that might piss off a lot of people if they were to give a japanese ship to china because they acquired it after the war

PLAN/ROCN/ICN is not really a priority for the time being… but parts of ROCN/PLAN did contained IJN captured/trophy ships until 1950s; that will depend on how many ships the (better than none) TT can eventually offer, some frigates and modified IJN destroyers are fine of course.

sure but with how gaijin is they dont like adding things to 2 tech trees so if china got the IJN Yukikaze it would kinda rob japan of a very famous ship they have, its like how technically britain could get some of the german destroyers from the highsea fleet because they were captured by the british but that would piss people off lol

In terms of numbers the majority of the Chinese navy 1945-1950 was made up of Japanese boats and ships. However many of the coastal boats are not a good fit for warthunder as they are quite crap in terms of armament and speed.

So I said it depends on the final composition of the tech tree as Chinese naval TT is pretty embarrassing (lacks ships beyond CA); as for Yukikaze, ROCN received the ship with modified US weaponry (total downgrade in this case), leave the OG ship in IJN while the modified one at lower tier of Chinese TT

Well, nobody really cares about the novossyrisk, ex-julio ceasar, despite it being the same class thats the best of Italy right now.