Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 1)

Even the Enlisted one looks better

I guess I will continue the HUAF subtree grind now, or idk, spread managed democracy.


I mean he’s kinda got a point as it looks the same as previous years and a bit boring this year.

Something pecuilar I thought of: alpha strike introduced the MiG-29 9.12B, aka the one in Hungarian subtree. However, it does specify its nationality in the .blk file like the German one, which might hint that it is not the only MiG-29 9.12A/B. They are the same model for sure, but as a side note the KPAF sure is another major operator of the variant.
Edit: the German texture files are identified as mig_29_9_12a, while HuAF ones as mig_29_9_12b_hungary, which is what I am trying to say here.


how do you get powerful vehicles in the event

Enjoy )))


Anime stuff yet again ?

ASF-X suggestion is missing an image.


ASF-X Shinden II

This one gives a better grasp at size compared to the familiar F-15


Oh very nice ^^

Its not my suggestion but commenting etc is allowed (as with all suggestions), so you can go ahead on post it if you want. :D





I could see some of these happening on the Japanese client.

Well, the western fans cry they don’t get it. (Area 88 event in a nutshell from what I’ve heard)

So the April Fools Event is decent, I’m enjoying it, though it does stand to be pretty grind heavy, but I’m REALLY hoping we get a vehicle event too, otherwise the AF event loses alot of it’s luster

The moment DMM gets either of those aircraft is the moment I link my account to DMM


Same for me XDDD

I would kill for the Shinden II >_>


Planes not so much.

But I could see the Tank and Boat. as they have a real counterpart.

And maybe the KC stuff if they still did crafting events.

Them being respectful to their forum users?

It really is april fool’s.

Actually thinking about it. I’m 90% sure there is a real counterpart to the Orbital 380mm HE barrage

That might be possible. It might not be that big tho.

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Maybe on ground battle maps thats close to deep sea, the player can call in battleship-caliber shelling. Might be cool but still pointless.

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I just wish it was the nosferatu with my ADMM lol

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If we talk realistic additions, I can see only the F-2 Super Kai happening. It’s pretty much comparable to an F-16AJ and if at some point in the (very far) future Gaijin runs out of possible additions I feel like similar vehicles might become more commonplace. Though considering F-16AJ reception and the high amount of actually built aircraft available I’d say that we won’t see that in this next decade even.
And even then there is still no guarantee that Gaijin won’t just let the game die and move on.

As for events I’d say everything is possible at just about any given moment.