Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 1)

Would the earliest EF and Rafales have maneuverability similar to the Gripen? More, less? And what was the payload designed for them on introduction? IRIS-T/AIM-9(British version), Fox 3 (AMRAAM?)? Rafale would be Magic 2 all aspects or MICA’s?, Super 530’s still viable, or is everything MICA by then?

we have don’t use IRIS-T on the British ones
Earliest Eurofighter would have to be a pre production one with a PD radar worse engines and AIM9L(i) in game would be like 9Ms with smoke and AMRAAMs

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Qing Imperial Navy operated three ironclad battleships (two of which the Japanese pressed into their own service), and a few armored and unarmored cruisers. The RoC operated a few light cruisers, some of which were repurposed by the IJN and one of which defected to the PRC and was sunk by RoC aircraft a month later.

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Ahh Ironclads? I’m presuming they only had like 2 turrets for the main battery then?

Also thanks for the information.

I reckon the first round of EFTs would be Aim-9M/Aim-9Li. but then the second round would maybe see Gen 5 IRs. For Britain it would be ASRAAM.

(I reckon the first ASRAAM carrier should be the Tornado GR4)

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EF and Rafale are both superior to Gripen in all mentioned aspects.
Rafale could use 2x Magics (wing tips) but mostly just MICA as well as Meteor (F.3R and later). On introduction, the earliest possible Rafale (M LF.1) would have 2x Magic II and 4x MICA EM; but I would rather see a F.2.2 or F.3.3 for simple reasons: CAS and QoL. The major difference between both would be CAS and some other minor changes, while F.3R and F.4.1 would be “big jumps” in armament, systems and QoL.

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Chin Yen had 2 twin turrets, while Heien had 1 single turret. Not very good, even for War Thunder, unless they add more pre-dreads.

Interesting though is that these Chinese ironclads ended up being Japans first battleships.
and also had more interesting and successful careers with the IJN lmao

early Typhoons would also lack most forms of CAS. So I reckon on those grounds you would see a Rafale with limited CAS too.

Might suggest there will be more leaning of Gaijin towards AShM’s in the future. Not really much point in a tree that can’t get past cruiser level’s.

I think they had dumb bombs and I’ve seen it alleged that BAe conducted weapons drops of other ordinance but it was removed from the first batch due to politics, but with no source.

Rafale’s first variant was exclusively A2A people often like to think the Eurofighter wasn’t developed for multirole and Rafale was but its service introduction was much like the Rafale’s being rushed and therefore losing certain capabilities.

Only thing i’ve seen is BL755 CBUs. (which makes sense when you consider that we had Tornado Gr4, Harrier Gr7/Gr9 and Jaguar Gr3 all in service for ground attack) Though in the absence of CBUs in game I could see just 540s or 1000s dumb bombs instead.

Based upon the book “Typhoon by Mike Sutton” the author was one of the people who literally wrote the book for the Typhoon and he provided his experience from flying the Jaguar. So it was definetly thought about from the onset. It just didnt enter service with all those in place. They were added over time and as pilots were trained and transitioned over from their respective aircraft (like retiring the Jaguars in 2007) to the Typhoon and it took on more and more of the multirole element. But first and foremost it was need to supplement and replace the Sea Harrier FA2 and Tornado F3

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Please feel free to make a suggestion for any camo proposals.


Generally if there was an update to a bug report, the report itself would be updated on the Community Bug site. As mentioned previously however, the developers and most staff have only mostly returned this week after NY holidays.

Whilst we have no specific matters to announce at the time, a whole line is not required to add a nations vehicle to a given tree. For example, most recently the SAAF Gripen.


that isnt realy an “open” bug report anymore, gajin did give “ahead” an update but its still useless and cant even hit hovering helicopters. AHEAD is need of a complete rework, i think that ones only in your internal system and not on the community bug site anymore

Edit: guess there still is an open report, still seriously needs an upgrade its missing its main anti air ammo is so unfair when the 2S38 is running around as spaa Community Bug Reporting System

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Gives me hope for a Switz F/A 18

The only comparisons which actually compared the maneuverability of the 3 were of production variants. The EF and Rafale would still both have better T/W ratio’s and IIRC the EF rates the best out of them all but the worse engines might limit its sustained turn rate.

Its pretty hard to say the best comparisons can only really be made with production variants which get tested by customers (eg Swiss and Indian trials).

EF DA.2 would have 4-6 AMRAAM and 4 SRAAM either AIM-9L/i or ASRAAM. Rafale would have 4 MICA EM and 4 Magic II.

You may find the official evaluations on the Swiss trials informative. They can be found easily on google.

We don’t currently have any news on the return of the previous historical decal events, however we are aware of some interest surrounding decals and are always looking at new ways we can deploy historical and event decals.


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Awesome, thanks very much man. Hope you had a good christmas and new years, too!